Snow Management, or, “The Right Stuff”

This morning, we awakened to some snow, but not nearly the amount the weatherman predicted yesterday. I estimate we got about 5 or 6 inches.  Because it is so bitterly cold, the snow is of the “light and fluffy” variety, as opposed to “wet and sticky”.

In choosing the tools I needed for the chore at hand, I grabbed the squeegee that Mark bought several years ago for sweeping up water in the garage. That squeegee has paid for itself many, many times over. It is so much easier to swish the snow out of the way than to shovel it.


The wonderful squeegee!


Even after years of use, the rubber edge on the squeegee is still nice and works just like it did when it was new.

When I began working outside behind the house, it became apparent to me that I really needed to put on some protection for my hands. Although there isn’t a lot of wind blowing, the cold went right to my fingers!

As I sorted through the big box of winter wear, I found a pair of “mittens” I had knit several years ago.


These mittens have a “flap” that flops over on the back side……


To reveal “gloves” underneath.


I made two or three pairs of these mittens, although I gave some away.  When I knit, I always buy the best yarn I can….these are made of a really nice wool, but I didn’t knit them quite as tightly as I should have. These were the first pair I made, so I was unfamiliar with the pattern as well as technique. I haven’t done a great deal of knitting, but I have made several sweaters and mittens. By the time I came in from outside, my hands were on the verge of sweating! (and my fingers are always cold!)

The weather is once again in the “roller coaster” mode. Today, we are being blessed with “Arctic air” from the north, and by the weekend, the temperatures should be nearing freezing. By next week, we are told the temperatures will climb into the 50’s!