The New Toys!

For the past two years, Mark and I have pondered, mulled, and just outright dreamed about buying another ATV. (or two)

Because of disability, we are able to gain access to state lands that others can enjoy by foot. There are special areas designated for disabled people, and they can ride an ATV and be accompanied by a companion on another ATV. Now we will be able to ride on these trails and Mark and I are both excited about this!

Yesterday afternoon, we went here….


We picked up this new blue Honda Rancher for me!


And while we were at it, we got a pretty good deal for picking up two ATV’s. The small red one is in the hopes that the kids will catch the “fever” as well. Michelle is planning to attend training courses with me on how to ride, so I think she is pretty excited, too!


Late this afternoon, Mark and I drove up onto the back of our property. For the first time since we have lived here (15 years) I was able to see the lights of the ski mountain back there. I never ventured there previously because the terrain is kind of steep and there are ruts that are easy to trip on if one cannot see them!

I am so very excited!

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  1. What a fun thing to do as a family. My daughter goes “upstate” as we call in in NJ to ATV. I am a certified chicken and have my heart in my mouth until I hear from her that she is OK! You could not pay me enough to get on one of them!

  2. Terri, no plows on these machines! They are strictly for FUN!

    Frances, they really are so much fun! Though, I will admit this….when Mark brought home the first machine, I was LIVID! I thought all he wanted to do with it was have FUN! (Michelle was days old when the first came here) It was only after that machine plowed us out and hauled tons and tons of firewood that the lightbulb in my head came on and I realized the thing was beneficial!!!! Riding in the woods is really a lot of fun!

    Bill, believe me….we WILL have fun!

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