A Lesson From the Mighty Acorn


As I was photographing the ice formations along the water courses on our property the other day, Ben called my attention to several acorns that had fallen into the ditches. It seems they took root there.

As I gazed down at these little storehouses of food that become one of the mightiest of trees, I was inspired by their steadfastness. This little acorn endured a flood of a tremendous amount of water coursing over it….and yet, it remained firmly planted. There was no wavering, no becoming uprooted, and no moving along further downstream.  Oh, to be like that little acorn!

Although I am reluctant to make resolutions at this time of the year as I cannot stand going back on my word, I think I shall remember that little acorn. And when the storms of life come, (and we all know they shall) I do believe I will resolve to endure just like that tiny little acorn!

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  1. So very true! Those oaks can indeed give a lot! Living in a woods mostly filled with red and white oaks, I can certainly attest to that!

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