Photo Hunters: Messy

When I saw this week’s theme, I knew exactly what is the messiest job we do every year! Cuttting and splitting firewood makes a terrible mess, but I love the warmth from our woodstove *so* much!


This photo “only” shows the mess by the woodsplitter. When we are done, there are inches of bark and wood splinters all over the floor. It takes shovels to clean up afterward!

8 Responses

  1. I love what An Honest Man said 🙂 and I agree with him.
    Mess is just a state of mind!
    I hope you are enjoying the ongoing festivities with your family.
    Happy New Year 😀

  2. Sure is messy, but sometimes mess is needed. Stupid me forgot to take a picture for this weeks theme and then I couldn’t find one I knew I already had. I wanted a picture of the glue drips and strings under the box machine at work. Then when I remembered I had forgotten (lol) I couldn’t find the one where Lucy ripped open the new jug of cat litter all over the living room floor.

  3. Chopping wood is messy but I love the way fresh cut wood smells. I just looked above and see grace said the same thing. It really is a wonderful smell. Good photograph for the theme.

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