Ice Sculpture of the Natural Kind

Egads…I have been trying to post this entry for hours and hours! But, the call of family has taken precedence and my photos have remained “parked” all day!

This morning, I rushed outside with my camera; as we were leaving for the mall yesterday, I spotted some ice formations in the stream. I love taking pictures of ice. Okay, you realize I am exceedingly fond of winter and snow, and now ice, as well. (how could we enjoy hockey without ice?)

When I took the Scottie boys outside this morning, it was drizzling rain and even though the temperature was above freezing, the chill felt as though it was biting at me.  I could hardly wait for daybreak, as I was afraid the warmer temperature would ruin the little sculptures I had spotted in the drainage ditch.


The photo below is my favorite! Although I don’t remember seeing ice in Japanese pictures, there is something that reminds me of perhaps a Japanese painting? Maybe it is the ripples in the water and the ice formations that look like tiny inverted parasols….



Ben came outside to see what I was doing. When I told him about the cool ice formations in the ditches and stream bed, he informed me I had to follow him down to the “waterfall”. When the kids were younger, they used to play in the stream all the time. They reshaped it, built dams in it, and just had some great times playing in it.

I followed Ben down to the front of our property to the waterfall…Ben was right. There were some really spectacular formations hidden along the water’s course.


There was a big matt of oak leaves that had been encrusted in a thick coating of ice.


The photo below is the waterfall, “proper”. The kids changed the water’s pathway, forming what they believed to be a more stunning “drop”. It really is quite pretty! Please take note of that large flat rock sitting at the very top of the waterfall….as you can see, it is angled downward rather steeply…..


Ben hopped down below into the drainage ditch along the side of the road. It is quite deep and getting down there proved to be just a little too challenging for me. I was still attired in my new Scottie pajamas and blue Crocs.  Heaven forbid I would slip and fall and break an ankle or some such thing. If anyone saw me dressed in such a manner, taking photos, they just might take me to new accommodations, including padded walls!  After all, not everyone appreciates the need to move on the opportuntity to take photos on the spur of a moment!

Instead of joining Ben, I very carefully handed him my camera and he took some very nice shots!


I suddenly got this really terrific idea. As I explained, Ben looked at me as though I really had lost all of my marbles! I took off my winter coat and threw it over that rock that was teetering on the edge of the waterfall…..

“Ben, take a picture of my feet dangling over the edge of the waterfall!”


Yup, I was sitting on that rock. I think Ben kept snapping pictures, thinking that in the event his mom went “over the edge”, he would have it on film!  So, here I am below, hanging onto a sapling and making my way up from my precarious perch!


Living like a kid is so much fun. But living in the Bristolwood is just so very delightful!