A Trip to the Mall

Yesterday morning, I went outside with camera in hand and took some photos of the clouds in the sky. They were so beautiful and the sky was so blue! Ever since I was a little child, I have looked up into the sky and longed for “sky blue” eyes!


We did our chores for the day in the morning and then decided to take the kids to the mall. We have a few items that need to be returned from Christmas, but we will wait until next week, as everyone else is returning their items now! Next week, most folks will be back at work and things will have quieted down a good deal.

On our way to the mall, Mark and the kids stopped by a Chinese restaurant for take-out.  As much as I love Chinese food, there are times when the thought of it just doesn’t sound very good. I always get something with chicken and lots of veggies…and always *always* hot!

Mark figured since I didn’t want the Chinese, maybe I would want to go into the mall to eat. I was happy to do this, as I had my camera with me and maybe there would be something interesting to snap while I was eating!

Perhaps if I had a more compact camera instead of my D-SLR, I *could* have captured what I considered to be one of the strangest scenes I have seen in a very long time. There were several (young) teens seated at a table directly in front of me.  One of the boys was holding a baby bottle in his hand. I watched in total disbelief as he put the bottle to his lips and began sucking!

The kids were so preoccupied with one another, but none acted as though there was anything “unusual” about their friend with his rather strange means of partaking…..As I watched (I certainly hope my mouth wasn’t gaping ) I did notice that he was also carrying around a half gallon jug of milk. Most unusual.


As I was finishing my meal, the kids came in to do a little shopping. I had thought I might poke around a little, but decided to go out with Mark instead. As I was walking back to the truck,  there was a group of five or six teenagers in front of me.  They were more of a “blockade” and I grew more than a little annoyed they were taking up the entire sidewalk  so I couldn’t pass them.

I observed that there were mostly boys, with one girl. I also noticed that it seemed very strange that one of the boys was wearing Wellingtons. Not the typical footwear of teens, and certainly not when a young man might be seeing some “hot chicks” at the mall! But, I thought to myself, not all boys are thinking along those lines.

Just as I was pondering this, someone called out in a very loud voice to the group. Not wanting to appear nosy, I continued walking on. I thought perhaps one of their friends was hailing them from behind. 

After walking a great deal of distance away from the kids, I turned around to see that they had been swarmed by what looked like five sherriff deputies and mall security people. I was too far away to see whether the Wellingtons were off or on, but the young man had his elbows up in the air, both hands behind his head. Another officer was pulling stuff from down near the ground….most likely out of the Wellingtons.  By this time, there were people everywhere, stopped and looking. Feeling very sad for the youngster, and somewhat embarrassed for him, I walked off to the truck.

In this day and age when kids have so much and the ability to obtain goods really isn’t beyond the grasp of most kids, I cannot understand the need to shoplift.  These kids didn’t appear to look poor or unkempt.  Certainly he didn’t need to steal…..As I said, I felt so sad and embarrassed…..Mark suggested perhaps shoplifting was more of a “sport” than a “need” for this kid….

As we sat in the truck, awaiting the kids to return, I saw the most spectacular sky! The sun was actually breaking through the clouds and looked as though it was being refracted upwards!


Yes, those are “mountains” of snow from the parking lot! 

I think I have recovered from my unique excursion.  Thank you, Lord, for somewhat “normal” children!!!

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  1. Great photographs. I’m not at all sure what should be done with these ‘disaffected’ kids. My reaction would be to treat them a lot more harshly than those who steal from need.

    But you are right – it’s a blessing and a relief to have ‘normal’ kids.

  2. Looking at the pressures on the youth of today, I am relieved to have grown up in a different time. I imagine just about every generation looks at the next and feels this way at some time, but I guess your stories made me think of it again. I too am relieved to have relatively normal children!

  3. That’s a lovely pic of the sun and snow, as I write with the patter of rain on my window it’s the closest I’m going to get to snow this year!

    I think one of the problems with kids today is the lack of rite of passage into adulthood and as a result offences such as shoplifting become a way of ‘proving’ oneself to ones peers, that’s my theory anyway!

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