Happy Boxing Day!

To all of my British and British Commonwealth friends! I did have to take a look at Wikipedia to see what Boxing Day *really* is about, as we Americans have heard some rather strange explanations!

We are off to a frosty start here in the Bristolwood. My Explorer is encrusted in a “shell” of ice. It isn’t very thick, but the car is sparkling like diamonds in the driveway! The sky is unusually bright….the weatherman is promising temperatures reaching into the 40’s,(fahrenheit) and bright sunshine! We haven’t seen a whole lot of sun lately, so we will be spending some time outside today!

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  1. Isn’t nature just gorgeous with that layer of ice and the sun shining upon it? We get some pretty breath taking views outside my office window here at home. Last night the moon was sooo bright shining down between the trees on the pure white snow. Off to the hobby shop and to Sam’s Club for supplies! Be safe!

  2. It took forEVER for my car to defrost this morning. I can’t say it warmed up here much as the warehouse I was working in you were able to see your breath all day. Brrrrr. Makes a soul mighty tired at the end of the day that’s for sure.
    Forgot to leave a comment yesterday, but I love the picture of you!!

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