And, One More Christmas Eve Post

Late this afternoon, we drove up to Canandaigua so I could pick up a few items at Wegman’s. Nothing earth-shattering….just things to make a salad and a few other little things.

After going to Wegman’s, I told Mark I really wanted to go to Rossi’s. Rossi Music is a small music store owned by a wonderful man who really does Christmas *BIG* every year! As we drove up, I was utterly amazed by the displays on the premises!

When I was a little girl, I remember we would all get bundled in our winter garb and go for a ride to look at the Christmas lights. We would drive through neighborhoods and to houses that had a past history of bright displays. This was such a highlight of the Christmas season!

And now, I present some of the Rossi Music Christmas display! (probably best viewed enlarged)






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