And, One More Christmas Eve Post

Late this afternoon, we drove up to Canandaigua so I could pick up a few items at Wegman’s. Nothing earth-shattering….just things to make a salad and a few other little things.

After going to Wegman’s, I told Mark I really wanted to go to Rossi’s. Rossi Music is a small music store owned by a wonderful man who really does Christmas *BIG* every year! As we drove up, I was utterly amazed by the displays on the premises!

When I was a little girl, I remember we would all get bundled in our winter garb and go for a ride to look at the Christmas lights. We would drive through neighborhoods and to houses that had a past history of bright displays. This was such a highlight of the Christmas season!

And now, I present some of the Rossi Music Christmas display! (probably best viewed enlarged)






Ah, the Night Before Christmas!

As I was reading through my favorite blogs today, I especially liked the entry at Ayrshire + Photographs where a lovely photograph highlighted an ornament on the Christmas tree. I got to thinking that yesterday I was looking at our tree and I smiled as I looked at the ornaments as a good many were handmade… me!

Many years, I came across a design or pattern for an ornament and I would go great guns, working to make up enough of the ornaments to fill a Christmas tree! I would work diligently, but by the time Christmas came around, I would give away the bulk of my efforts, realizing many people treasured handmade ornaments. I would think perhaps I would then work through the new year, making more ornaments. However, something else would catch my fancy and I was off and running in new directions!

One year when Mark and I hadn’t been married very long, I decided to make crocheted angels! I think I made about 30 of these angels but only about 8 of them remained here!


The little red heart ornament next to the angel was one Michelle designed and crafted for us several years ago. She had no pattern, but devised this on her own. Rather cute, isn’t it? She probably took her cues from the ornaments below.


My paternal grandparents came to the US in 1907 from the Ukraine. Needless to say, the love of bright color was passed through the genes! I embroidered so many of these ornaments. When I was young, I used to glean sewing pattern books. I loved crafts and sewing! I found these patterns to embroider in a Vogue catalogue in the 1970’s.  I must have made close to 50 of these ornaments.

About 6 or 7 years ago, I joined an ornament swap with several of my soap-making friends from all over the US.  Everyone knew I loved Scotties, so I put my brain into overdrive to create a design that was purely my own. I used cotton linters and a cookie stamp to make my little paper Scotties featured in the center.  I painted the Scottie, colored each little bow about the neck, then sewed two laces around the outside. I then glued a green circle to each back with a red ribbon to hang the ornament.


And, lastly, I crocheted a lot of snowflakes, but found them a bit boring. Since they had a Victorian feel to them, I glued on little gold-colored beads, along with ribbons and ribbon flowers.


We do have several bright red glass balls on the tree as well.  I find something almost “comforting” about hanging my handmade creations on the tree every year.  Perhaps it has to do with the fact that each represents me!

 Of course, there are the hundreds of tiny Scottie ornaments I made from polymer clay and placed on top of small bells. I showed them on this blog before, so I shan’t show them again so as not to bore my dear readers to tears!

And so, to all, a Good Night!