Bah! Humbug?

I came so close to becoming a Scrooge on Wednesday! I really did!

It all began on Monday. I had worked hard to complete my crochet project for Mary, the Scottie breeder.  I was so happy to finish the piece and was looking forward to sending it out via UPS Monday afternoon.

 I brought out the frame I had purchased and carefully removed the glass.  As I worked cleaning the glass, it suddenly “popped” in my hand. Thankfully, I wasn’t cut as a piece broke right off. As Mark looked at it, he said there was a small crack I didn’t see in the glass, as there was another crack above where the piece came off.  I knew I wasn’t applying too much pressure.

Mark called the store I had purchased the frame from and asked if they could adjust the price, as it was going to cost about $5.00 to replace the broken piece. The girl he spoke to told us to bring in the receipt and the manager would make some adjustment.

I took broken frame, along with my receipt in to the store on Wednesday afternoon.  I waited in line for probably 10 minutes. When my turn came, the girl said they would have to call the manager up front to see what he could do.  And so I waited some more.

The manager finally came and looked at the frame. He asked me where the “tag” was that was originally on the frame. The “tag” happened to be a very sticky “sticker” which was nearly impossible to remove. It came off in several pieces, and was thrown out as I worked.  I felt my blood pressure rising, but as he told me there was nothing he could do, I just lost it….I told him I buy so much from his “stupid store” and couldn’t believe that is the way he treats customers! I swooped up my frame and left the premises in a bit of a huff.

As I hopped into the truck, Mark could see the smoke bellowing from my ears! He asked what happened, and as I recounted the experience, he grabbed his cell phone. He called and spoke to the manager. Mark remained calm, but as the manager hemmed and hawed, Mark reminded him we were told to bring our things in, which we did. He very diplomatically insisted the manager make good. And, he did. Mark went in to straighten the mess out, as he saw that I was really “rattled” by this experience.

After finishing up, we drove down the road just a little further to the home improvement center.  After I calmed down from the frame fiasco, I told Mark I was confident I could handle buying a piece of glass!

I entered the store, and stood at the glass cutting station, waiting as the sales associate finished up with another customer.  When she came over and asked what I needed, I told her. She flipped through pieces of glass, finally emerging with a huge piece of glass.  I needed a piece measuring 11″x14″. The piece she held was 12″x36″. She informed me they had none of the smaller pieces like the man had told Mark the day before. I would have to pay $6.50 for the large piece (from which they would RESELL again) instead of $4.30 for the size I needed.

I felt like the victim of a horrifically terrible joke, and told the woman, no thank you. I walked out of the store feeling like I had been clubbed over the head….my head was spinning and I just couldn’t believe I went into two stores and felt “fleeced” by each.

Mark saw my face was troubled as I walked towards the truck and he immediately asked what happened. I told him yet again another woeful tale. He called and asked to speak directly to the store manager.  She said she was with a customer, but would call right back. As we sat in the parking lot, I began to think she had fleeced Mark, when his cell rang.

Mark explained the entire situation and she walked back to the glass station as she spoke. She talked to the woman who had tried to sell me the oversized piece of glass, and, miracle of miracles, a smaller piece of glass was suddenly manifested!

Not wanting to know any details at all, I went back inside and had the woman measure and cut my glass.  As we drove home, I just couldn’t believe such strange experiences happening one after the other.

As soon as we got home, I cleaned the glass, framed the crochet piece, and wrapped it securely in the shipping box.

Yesterday, the box was shipped out, and Mary will receive the piece today.

I think I have recovered completely from this harrowing experience and I am not humbugging Christmas at all!  After all, Chrsitmas isn’t about shopping, is it?