A Christmas Tale

Several years ago, on one of my soap making lists, the listmom encouraged each participant to submit a Christmasstory. As I thought about Christmas, I could not help but think of Kiltie, my very first Scottie, who was with us for nearly 16 Christmases!


                                          Kiltie’s Christmas Cookie

Kiltie was the typical “proper” Scot. He was by no means one of those undisciplined, begging, whining dogs that makes your foot want to accidentally *twitch*, sending the unsuspecting cur across the floor. No, Kiltie had manners…and class. He would quietly, unassumingly raise his little brindled body up onto his haunches and well…just “sit”. He never “whined” nor hopped about. He merely sat there so like the darling pictures in a child’s picture story book!

One cold and howling December day, I set to baking some buttery Spritz cookies. Why, I had planned my strategy very well, in my mind. I was going to press out little green-tinted Christmas trees and then frost them with white fluffy frosting. Then, to top them off….decorate them with those tiny sugary, multicolored balls.  I could see my little works of art so clearly in my mind’s eye. What a sweet buttery delight!

I was working away at the kitchen table with my double batch of cookie dough. And, the little trees were coming out just perfectly! I had used butter directly from the refrigerator and the cookies were great as the trees weren’t “running” nor becoming misshapen from warm butter.  Thank heaven for those wonderful Kitchen Aid mixers that could withstand the cold butter and mix it into the other ingredients, forming the perfect homogeneous blend!

I was having too much fun watching my sweet treats coming out exactly as I had planned. I refilled the cookie press several times.  Then, suddenly, without warning, it happened! The cookies began coming out lopsided. My heart sank. Another lopsided cookie. Then, another. In haste, I swiped the cookies up from the sheet and released the pressure on the dough inside the press. As I looked at the press, I discovered the plate that shapes the cookies had dislodged and it was a quick fix. 

I was about to put the dough of the three misshapen cookies back into the cylinder when I looked down. There sat Kiltie, sitting up looking so dignified, and yet, his shoe-button eyes danced about as he thought perhaps some of the buttery treats might fall his way.

I grabbed the little ball of dough and threw it down to the floor. Kiltie’s little tail wagged as he quickly gobbled up my Christmas offering!

I finished baking all the cookies and wrapped them up and put them away…all but the ones that I would take to my parents’ home later in the day. Those, I placed on a platter and wrapped foil loosely about them. I was so pleased that my little masterpieces even surpassed the little delights I had imagined!

We went to my parents’ house for supper that evening. We had a wonderful dinner and it was topped off by my Christmas cookies. My brother thought Kiltie might enjoy a cookie, so he silently slipped one to Kiltie under the table. While my mother and I washed the dishes,  my father and brother took Kiltie, along with Brandy, their dachshund, for a walk. Oh how Kiltie loved visiting so he could go for a walk on sidewalks!

Kiltie was such a great little dog! When my father commanded Kiltie to “bake a cookie”, the obedient and complying little dog would “hump over” and do his thing! It was a rather funny command, but Kiltie always followed the command!

Well, my father and brother returned from the evening constitution with a somewhat puzzled and concerned look on their faces….Then, my father blurted out that we had better get Kiltie to the vet!

“I think Kiltie is really sick. His *cookies* were GREEN!”

Merry Christmas!