Winter Fun?


Ben saw me outside taking pictures this morning, so he grabbed the new snow tube I bought him the other day and raced out the door….I only wish I could have caught him as the snowspray lashed up on his face….he looked totally surprised and breathless! Oh, to be a kid again in the wintertime!

Name That Fellow!

My father-in-law passed away in January of 2005.  A few months before he left us, he passed his possessions on to Mark and his sister.  One of his favorite items was a Scottish fellow whom I could never decide exactly *who* he is!


I have heard stories of Pere Noel, Sinterklaus, Santa….but never a Scottish Santa?  Could one of my dear Scottish readers perhaps identify this kilted laddie?  He is quite stunning and he remains one of my “treasures”, knowing that he was well-loved by my father-in–law.

 My Father-in-law acquired this McSanta at a craft festival and he paid a dear amount for the fellow. I would greatly appreciate knowing what, exactly, to call him!!