*Windy* Wintry Weather!

Mark flipped to the local weather channel this afternoon, and they warned people to stay indoors this evening and tonight, as the winds were going to “pick up” later in the day. We had already seen some pretty unruly gusts, but we had no plans to wander outdoors or away!

Life sometimes gets fairly boring….particularly while being confined due to the weather! Ben and I were playing with Angus this afternoon and Ben grabbed Angus’s little Christmas chapeau, along with a “cookie”. (doggie treat)

Did Angus mind it when Ben placed the silly hat upon his head? Not really, as he lifted his nose up in the air when he thought he caught wind of a cookie!


Aw, what a handsome good laddie!


We wasted  spent time together watching some movies today.  It was nice to not have to be hurrying about,  but I find it extremely difficult to sit still without feeling like I am wasting the day.  I was able to manage sitting through one movie before I excused myself to work on the crochet project for Murphy’s breeder.  It is over halfway done, and since she lives in New York state (about 3 hours away) I know it will make it to her before Christmas if I send it out by the middle of this week.

I took the Scottie boys out at about 10 pm and was in awe of the wind out there! Wow! Of course, it was so pretty, I thought I should return after safely putting the Scotties back inside the house!

As you can see, we really didn’t get a great deal of snow, but the wind is now driving and reshaping everything in its path!


I realize this photo is dark, but if you look closely, you can see the beautiful “sculpture” nature has crafted for our good pleasure. We are so grateful to have the ATV with the plow on it, as it makes short work of the snow on the driveway.


We are no longer under a snow warning here, but now we are under high wind advisory until noon tomorrow. (in the first outdoor photo above, you can see a small branch that fell at the base of a tree)  I imagine there will be many branches on the ground after this….nature’s way of “pruning” here in the Bristolwood!

The Big (NON) Event

After all of the warnings we were given and the grand forecasts of snow measured in *feet* as opposed to *inches*,  I was totally unimpressed to find about 2 inches of icy wet, heavy snow outside our house! Yes, that is it!

Apparently, the grand Nor’easter headed into other parts of the state, leaving the Finger Lakes region high and dry. The weather warnings continue on throughout the day, until 7 tomorrow morning, so I guess I will just have to see if we get *any* snow!  Presently, we are experiencing some terrific wind. The trees are swaying about, and the little Scottie on the weathervane out back is turning this way and that, almost at a “dizzifying” (did I coin a new word?) speed!