Feeling Satisfied

Have you ever gone to bed late at night, feeling as though you were sitting on top of the world?  Such was the feeling last night! I rarely watch television, as I have neither the patience, nor desire.  It just seems like it is so hard to sit and feel as though I have wasted my time on idleness!

Last night, I convinced Mark to purchase the movie Amazing Grace. We are on cable, and Mark is able to do pay-per-view of  movies. I was excited about seeing this one, but as Mark flipped about, he said if we watched it, it would be pre-empted by the hockey game he was recording.  So….I told him I would watch the game. 

As we watched, it seemed like the Sabres were doing “okay”, but nothing outstanding.  Then, in the third period of the game,  they suddenly “took off”! The final score was 5-3, with the Sabres winning.  A very intense finish to the game, and it was nice to see them win….they haven’t been on top off their game like they were last year!

After the game, Mark turned on the show The Next Great American Band.  This show would not appeal to me at all, except that there is a band competing that I really love! They are called “Denver and the Mile High Orchestra“.  Don’t be fooled by their name….they are from Nashville, Tennessee, not Colorado! They are a very lively (Christian) band and have made it to the final three bands.  Next week, the top band will be decided.  It was so inspiring to see that the band has made it this far! We first heard this band several years ago on the radio. I listen to a Christian radio station,  Family Life Network  who regularly support Denver. (you can actually listen to the radio station online, too!) The band made it to the final three from 10 bands.

As I climbed the stairs for bed, I felt such a happy feeling inside….

This morning, I was awakened suddenly… and rather startlingly, when a damp little nose brushed across my face. Without actually opening my eyes, I looked up to find Murphy gazing intently in my face! There is just something so humorous in those beady little brown eyes and the long black beard staring in my face!

As we prepared to go outside, Angus greeted us and we walked out into the brisk morning air. It was (still is) a bone-chilling 10 degrees out, but after the boys finished up, I really needed to get the camera and take a photo…..


This was taken just down the stairs from the house. One little oak leaf sat atop the glistening snow… The snow was absolutely marvelous….crunching underfoot, and sparkling like a sea of diamonds. I got down on my knees to take this photo, and in seeing the result, didn’t even notice that my knees were now wet!

We stocked up on all the staples we needed, and now….well, I am so excited about the storm! I promise to take photos!!