Time to do a Little Shopping

All we are hearing on the radio this morning is to prepare for the “big one” headed our way. We are hearing words like major, severe, blizzard conditions and power outages. I guess if anyone is unprepared, they must not listen to the radio, tv, nor read the paper!

Mark had made plans for us to go out today, so while out, I guess we had better do some shopping for the “basics”! We are out of milk, eggs, and bread! Guess I had better add those to the list. We will also be filling up the gas cans, as we might need gas for the generator. If not the generator, the ATV will certainly use it!

Loving *wild* weather as I do, this is going to be interesting to see how it plays out. The weatherman was just interviewed on the radio, and he said if this storm tracks as they are thinking, we and Terri are due for up to 30 inches of snow. That would certainly warrant some power outages….lines cannot hold up under that kind of stress!

So, we shall wait and see….

It’s Late…and I Should Be Sleeping….

Yes, remember those days back when you were a little kid and you had to go to bed…or else?  We all learned that a flashlight was a handy tool to acquire then. Just pull the covers up over your head….turn on the flashlight….and, voila!  You could covertly read an entire comic book while your mom and dad thought you were securely tucked in for the night, sleeping away!

Well, I guess some of that adventurous little kid still lives inside me. As I was getting ready to plop into bed, I looked out the bedroom window and was drawn in by the warm golden glow from the ski mountain a couple of miles away.  The winds are whipping about like crazy, but the temperature is very mild outside. Okay, maybe “mild” is a bit of an overstatement, but I think it is very close to “just” freezing.

I tugged the window open and put a small lens on the Nikon. I placed the camera firmly on the window opening (the upstairs was never quite completed, as Mark was unable to finish the trim work…so, no windowsill!) and clicked…..held as still as I could..and tada!


I know this photo is blurry, but I thought it was cool, as you can actually see some of the lights at the mountain! And, believe me when I say the trees were swaying about in the breezes out there! When the trees get to moving about, it is hard to see the lights, as they are pretty small from here.

Isn’t photography fun?