Life in the Snow Globe!

All of those warnings about snowfall proved to be fairly accurate today.  The snow began shortly after daybreak and lasted until after sunset. We must have netted about 7 or 8 inches of the white stuff! It truly did make for some pretty pictures, reminding me of a  snow globe…..


I had some photos from yesterday that I took after entering my blog posting.  As I was watching the birds at the feeder, I noticed this little fellow. I am unsure as to what variety it represents, as it seems to have both red and gray coloration. I would venture to guess it is a gray squirrel, as that is mostly what is found here and I think red squirrels are smaller in stature.


Yesterday’s skies were so beautiful. There was so much blue….and some foreboding clouds as well!


I have mentioned in my writings before about the “modest” oak trees….they seem so reluctant to shed their garb in the winter. I took this photo yesterday afternoon of a particular tree next to the garage.


And, ah yes! Here is a photo from yesterday showing the big spot on the left where the camper had been parked.  Am I happy that camper is now parked “down below”? You BET!


Here is the landscape this afternoon!


Mark really enjoys getting out on the ATV to plow the snow.  I used to do this right after the spinal cord injury Mark suffered, but he sold the smaller machine and got a slightly larger one. Since he got the new one, I haven’t plowed.  I told Mark today I would like a small machine with a plow….he inquired why, to which I retorted that I really miss going out late at night to plow! I had so much fun being the “plowman”!


And now some Christmas lights. First, in the house. This is my little Scottie Dog Christmas Tree. Yeah, I know…..What is wrong with that woman?


Okay, for more “normal” lights, I just took this photo of the lights on the Dwarf Alberta Spruces out front a little while ago.


I hadn’t taken any photos in so long….my poor fingers were burning to hold my camera!

Of course, the story today is the “big storm” coming our way…..from Saturday night until Monday morning!