A Rather Industrious Day

This morning when we got up, everything looked as though it had been air-brushed! After rain last night,  we had wet snow this morning.


Mark suggested that we should get the camper parked in its winter parking spot this morning. We drove up to our “local” convenience store (6 miles away) to purchase three bags of rock salt.  The kids and I shoveled off the entire driveway (about 125′) and then we salted. The kids hooked up the camper to the truck and Mark drove on down the driveway. We never had a four-wheel-drive vehicle for the camper before, so it was a totally new experience. The old truck *never* would have been able to tuck the camper away. It would have slid and gone sideways, but Mark was able to park the camper in its spot quite handily. What a relief. The weatherman is warning, as is Weatherbug on my computer,  of a winter weather “watch”. This doesn’t necessarily mean we are going to get socked with more snow…it only means that we “could” get about 6 more inches of snow. We are also being told we may get a “doozy” of a storm come Sunday.

After working out in the cold, Michelle and I came in the house to do some work, while Mark and Ben went out for awhile, shopping.

Michelle helped me finish my project for my friend, Linda. I am happy with the result:


Excuse the reflection of the photograpgher hovering on the right side of the picture!

Yes, that is the same Scottie as the valance I made. I loved the little Scottie, so I made it using a much smaller crochet hook and a finer thread.  I bought the frame last night at TJ Maxx. I looked and looked for a suitable frame and decided that the gold would really set off the black and white. This afternoon, as I was finishing framing it, I smiled from ear to ear when I read a tiny sticker on the back…..it states that the frame was made NOT in China (seems everything comes from China anymore!) but in Canada! Linda takes pride in Canadian made goods, so I was thrilled!

For your viewing pleasure, as I was going through photos, I came upon these that I thought I would share…..

The first is a tiny Chickadee taking off from the feeder……


and, what looks like a free-falling Goldfinch!