Random Thoughts Before Christmas

This morning when the clock radio came on, it announced that the weather outside was frightful! We are under dueling air masses….one bringing warmer temperatures, and the other full of Arctic air. The net result is snow, sleet, and freezing rain. The terrible combination!

When we went outside, everything was encrusted in a shroud of ice. Even the Scotties, complete with 4-wheel-drive, proceeded with caution.  You can see the icy “finish” on the Dwarf Alberta Spruce out front.


The Scotties love cold and snow.  Angus particularly loves this frosty weather.  When he goes outside, after he is done with matters at hand, he “snakes” his way around the yard. He tilts his head, back and forth, rubbing his beard, then head on the scratchy surface. As he works his way along, he eventually tumbles, rolling about on his back….wiggling around the entire time!

I had mentioned the little dish my friend, Linda, in Canada sent. I was able to photograph it this morning.


I love the face on this little laddie!


And speaking of Scotties….I forgot to mention I had completed the valance I was making for the front windows….


As you can see, the red plaid fabric really sets this piece off! I would love to make some red plaid curtains, but I think Mark would say they are far too “bold”.  I came to an impass on the valance once it was complete, as I didn’t want to sew little rings onto my work to hang the valance. What to do…what to do….


I looked around, trying to find hardware for hanging curtains. I did finally find some rings that had an “alligator clip” affixed to them.  If I cannot find anything I like better, those will probably be my choice for hanging.  I have a beautiful book about filet crochet in which all the photos are taken in Holland. I would love to use some of the pretty clips they used, but as I have dug through the book, it seems there is no mention made as to where they might be purchased.

I am finishing up Linda’s gift, so that project is my priority at the moment. I would also like to make a little something for the breeder from whom I purchased Murphy.  I will have to see how industrious I can be until Christmas! (why is it I always think of a really GREAT gift just before Christmas?)