Pepsi Snowglobes

Terri had a little “public announcement” on her blog regarding a Pepsi “promotion”. Actually, Pepsi is donating to America’s Second Harvest, to help fight hunger this holiday season. For each snowglobe created, Pepsi will make a donation. 

For those brave souls who would like to see the globe I created, click here ! Just a bit of holiday fun, and doing some good at the same time!

Busy, Busy, Busy

Remember all the firewood we cut and placed inside the woodshed last month? Well, we were in a hurry to get it inside the building, as the weather could change at any time.  So…today, Mark thought we should go out and split all the wood and re-stack it. (one row only)

 Somehow, I mentioned that perhaps when we were done, I could grab some subs for lunch. Apparently, the kids decided that was too much to pass on. They worked for about an hour (and we finished about 1/2 of the pile) and then insisted I run to the store to get the sandwiches!

We ate in the garage, warmed by Jotul, Jr. It was rather fun.

Yesterday, Michelle came up the driveway from the mailbox with a bright red foil-covered box. As I watched her, I couldn’t figure out what it could possibly be. She came through the door and handed me the box, announcing it was from my friend, Linda, in Canada! Since the box had traveled so far, we decided to open it. Inside were some cute little Scottie treasures….a Scottie dish, an adorable ornament featuring a wee Scottie pup placed inside a stocking, a little Mary Engelbreit box, and a mix to create a Christmas cake for the Scotties! I would have pictures, but Mark borrowed my camera for the evening. (hmmmm)

I have been working on Linda’s present for a few days, and will photograph it before I send it out. (Linda, if you are reading, PLEASE turn your head!!!) 

That’s it for today. I am tired!!!