Oh, How I Wish….

I could  slow things down a bit! I always think that in the winter, I should be able to relax a bit more than other times of the year, as the days are a good deal shorter. Not so, this year!

This morning, when I took the Scotties outside,  the snow crunched under my feet as I walked along.  I love it when it is brisk and cold enough to do that. Snow that just kind of squishes under the feet isn’t nearly as much fun!

Yesterday afternoon, I happened to catch one of the little goldfinches sitting on a branch!


I need to get some photos of other things besides birds! I think I am going to drive everyone nuts with my bird photos! It is just kind of challenging to photograph the birds! And, I don’t need to travel to take the pictures….

And, speaking of travel…the price of gasoline is so outrageous now! It is getting to the point that we really need to stop and think about going out because the price of fuel is just so high. Living “out” as we do, it means just a little trip will cost several dollars. Ah well..I am not going to complain!