Realizing (or realising) that  I had failed to capture a photo of the adorable little Goldfinch that had visited my feeder yesterday,  I was bent on *capturing* it late this morning when I noticed it once again. It was sitting in a tree branch, so I ran for the camera.

I came back within seconds, and to my dismay, the little bird had vanished.  I propped open the upstairs bedroom window and began searching through the branches, sure I would spot it once again.  No such luck.

As I hung my camera, as well as a good part of myself out the window (once again thankful there are no neighbors in close proximity) I suddenly noticed I could *hear* a Goldfinch.  I looked around the trees once again….one *had* to be nearby. After all, I heard it!

Feeling quite as though perhaps this latest bout with a cold had caused me to be delusional, I pulled camera and myself back inside the window. As I was about to close the window, a thought suddenly occurred to me. Maybe, just maybe there was a ground-feeding finch! After all, the snow under the trees was littered with all matter of seed husks!

I leaned out the window, camera around my neck….sure enough, there the little bugger was, 30 feet BELOW me!




I made funny little noises to attract the bird’s attention, and it did actually turn its head and look up at me!

My guess is that this particular little bird would be a male, indicated by the bright golden yellow coloration on its neck. So, there you have it. One male American Goldfinch! (and, as always, if you click on the photo, you can view a larger image)

A Little Sunday Smile…

intended for my Scottish friends!

I have mentioned in the past that my little Scottie, Murphy, was purchased from a breeder whose kennel name is Ayr Scotties.  Mary used to travel thoughout the world, showing her dogs. One of the ancestors of my Murphy was, in fact, an American, UK, and Canadian Champion.

As I was digging through my desk yesterday, I came across two balloons in a drawer.  Why would the kids leave balloons in my drawer I wondered to myself. Then, as I pulled them out, I realized *I* was the one who left them there!


As an aside…..trying photographing a balloon without natural light while it is still dark outside…..quite the challenge. And, thus, the terrible quality picture!!!