The New Crochet Project

 Since I have so much time on my hands lately…Actually, since I have been coughing and miserable, I decided to rethink my Scottie crochet.  The other piece that I showed previously will be framed and not used as a curtain. However,  I looked through my patterns and found another “vintage” pattern my Scottie friend, Kim, had sent me. As I looked at the pattern, I thought it would be just perfect to use as a valance.

Yesterday afternoon, I pulled out the crochet hooks and cotton and began my plan!

The pattern I am using is called “Scotties and Sealies”, as in Scotties and Sealyhams. As far as I can remember, Sealyhams have “droopy” ears as opposed to “bat ears” like Scotties, but whatever, I love this pattern. It is pretty easy……


Now, I am trying to figure exactly how I am going to use these.  The curtains we currently have are frumpy and ugly and I am thoroughly tired of them.  It is going to take some time to finish these, so I have plenty of time to plan my strategy!  I am going to repeat this pattern of two pups facing one another, twice, for each of the two front windows.  That should keep me occupied for a while.

Oh, and yes, I could have made any number of other patterns instead of the Scotties, but I really liked this pattern so much and it is the perfect size (length) for a valance.

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  1. Hope you get over your cold soon, yeah my 30th (arghh) birthday is a week after Sorley’s! I did my masters in philosophy, I’m esp. into political philosophy – what a bore I sound eh?!

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