Let the Busy Season Begin!

With two “teen” kids (technically Ben has not *quite* reached the teen years yet)  in the house, we are busier than ever!

 Yesterday, Mark and I arose early in the morning to pick up the kids and their friend after the Turkey Skate. Mark and I were somewhat amused by their stances…they had managed to stay awake throughout the night, although I heard from two of the kids that one “snoozed” a bit during a movie!  They wanted to have just a little more time with their friends, so we drove over to McDonald’s so they could go inside and eat together.

When the trio sauntered back to the truck, we asked if they might like to do a little mall shopping since we were halfway to a mall they all love. They called out a resounding “yes!”, so off we went.  The ride was rather atypical, as there wasn’t the normal chatter in the back seat. The three would seem to take turns dozing off for a minute or two, then awakening to see if the other two were passed out!

The kids went into the mall and shopped for about an hour. They always have fun shopping and Mark encouraged me to go on in, as well.  I am not the best shopper as I tend to get bored and tired of looking around.

I wandered into Macy’s and right near the jewelry counter, they had inexpensive holiday watches. I began looking through them, and I found a cute little Scottie Dog watch! Of course, I have been chided about never knowing what time it is, so I bought the watch!


I shopped around a bit more, looking in a few stores, then Mark and I went to Sam’s.

The kids decided that they were totally exhausted, so we made our way back to the Bristolwood.  The friend who we picked up was coming to the house as well, for the afternoon.  He wasn’t quite sure when his parents were coming to get him, so we just left everything open….

The kids were very hungry again by the time we arrived home, so I heated up leftovers (very surprisingly, to their delight!) from Thanksgiving.  There was turkey, stuffing, potatoes,  cranberry sauce, and the sweet potato souffle.  They nearly finished off the leftovers and then went outside to work off some energy. Hard to believe they had any left!

The friend’s father showed up shortly thereafter, and the kids said their good-byes.  Our kids looked totally wasted. I wondered how they would make their way to their rooms!!! The good news is that their bellies were now full, and they would sleep quite soundly for a long time!

I was somewhat tired myself, so I went upstairs to rest just for a short time. I had put the food away after the kids ate, but left some stuff on the table. When I came back downstairs, I was shocked when I went looking for Angus…


 Angus doesn’t do this on a regular basis. It seems that during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Angus gets a little “funny”. He reminds me of a little child that is so anxious about the holidays that he completely forgets all he has been taught!  He figured that any scraps or crumbs left on the table after the kids left were his! After all, he certainly couldn’t let Murphy have them….


Yes, it was after I scolded him that Angus looked a little remorseful.  However, he refused to get down, insisting that I pick him up and place him on the floor!  Stubborn little Scot!

The kids were down for almost the entire night, so Mark and I were able to thoroughly enjoy watching a Buffalo Sabres Hockey game undisturbed! And, the best part? They WON!  The Sabres had been in a slump since the season began, but things are really turning around and they have been winning lately! Go Sabres!