Time for a Sanity Check!

Yes, today is the busiest shopping day of the year here in the good ole US!  We bought a newspaper yesterday morning, even though Mark had been logging on each day for the past couple of weeks to check out the Black Friday ads.

 So…this morning, at 4 am sharp, the alarm clocks went off, alerting us to hustle and get ready for a sprint into the wild world of Black Friday shopping! We were out the door by about 5:15 and arrived at our first point in this delirious delight by 5:45. This meant I was to stand in a line with other folks who had lost their minds as well for about 15 minutes.

As I stood there in the 18 degree temperature, the people ahead of me joked and cajoled. Even with smiles on their faces, they warned the others *not* to buy what they were in line for….although no shopper would reveal just what it was they were in line to purchase! I was just happy to see there were only about 15 people in front of me and that everyone was calm and even smiling!

I stood in line for quite some time when Michelle came to join me.  I was thrilled to see her, as I was feeling rather overwhelmed,  wondering how I was going to grab 4 designated items.  I am not an aggressive person, and people often take advantage of my lack of assertion when standing in line.  As a matter of fact, I used to make Mark assure me that I am indeed “visible” since so many people would jump in front of me as I waited in line at the deli counter!

When the doors opened (and the warmth from within the store bellowed out towards the anxious lot of us) everyone ambled on in and began the drive to grab up what they had so dutifully waited in the freezing cold to buy.  Mark had GPS on the list, and when I saw they were in a display, I asked a fellow customer who advised me to head to the counter. I did, and wound up behind him!  Michelle was given a mission which she successfully completed.  One more little item and I knew right where it was. Bingo! We scored all four items on the shopping list.

We left the store feeling quite content. We had shopped in the little town of Canandaigua, and I think that had we gone off to Rochester, the whole scene would have been drastically different.  Here, everyone was friendly and orderly, as well as the store itself had several of each of the advertised items.

The kids wanted to go to the mall, so we decided to go on up and let them have a look. They found a few nice buys on clothing they had already told us they needed, so everyone was happy.

We arrived back home shortly after 11, which felt so strange. The mall usually doesn’t even open until 10 am. The kids are totally excited about the Turkey Skate tonight, and have made plans to see all their friends there.

Me? I am tired and have been coughing some today. I am looking forward to one thing alone…a GOOD night’s sleep!

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  1. I can’t believe you braved Black Friday! I worked this morning and took advantage of the fact that I was at work at 4am but the store didn’t open until 7am to get a whole lot of cleaning done. I completely disassembled the donut and muffin display and scrubbed everything. I then vacuumed cornmeal from everywhere (darn stuff flies everywhere no matter how careful you are with it). By 7am everything was shiny and clean! Not being near a big shopping center, our store was fairly quite for black Friday. I am glad you survived and got all you set out to buy.

  2. Ah, you are indeed a brave woman, to have ventured out into Black Friday madness! It was all I could do to drag my weary (and still chilled from Kyle’s Thanksgiving Day race) bones to Curves, to work off a bit of Thanksgiving dinner, and then to Cheesy Eddie’s, in search of their wonderful carrot cake for Carly’s birthday.

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