Good Morning, and Happy Thanksgiving!

I managed to convince myself to crawl out of bed this morning at 6. This was a bit later than I planned, but I felt a little miserable and wanted to comfort myself in the warmth and coziness of bed just a bit longer…

Before taking the Scottie boys outside, I grabbed a warm winter coat and braced myself for whatever weather might be awaiting me. Surprisingly, it was only raining, no, pouring, as we made our way to the woods. Fortunately, my coat had a hood on it, as I think I would have spent the day sulking and sneezing had I been doused by that tremendous rainfall!

After the boys relieved themselves, we hurried in (and the Scotties seemed every bit as happy as I to step over the threshold and into a warm and dry house)

I hurried into the kitchen and began working like crazy.  Mark and the kids did a phenomenal job of picking up groceries for me, since I just didn’t have the get up and go  to shop for supplies needed for this special day. I have mentioned the terrific customer service Wegman’s offers on this blog. However,  I logged into my Wegman’s account the other day and discovered another service I was unaware of….

Wegman’s offers an online “shopping list”. Once logged into an account, one may begin “shopping” by department.  Not only may one shop by department, but there is the option of adding notes to whatever item one might select. In other words, one might opt for a national namebrand, as opposed to a store brand.  I had a great time, going through the entire store, virtually, and picking whatever items I needed! The real surprise was when I was given the option to print my list; not only were the items organized by department, but the item was organized by the aisle in which it is found! MORE kudos to Wegman’s!

Carly had been telling me that I really should buy Wegman’s Honey-Brined Turkey. The price was about $4.49 a pound for the breast. I told Mark to just pick up a fresh turkey, so he did, and last night, I looked online and found a recipe for honey-brine for turkey.  I followed the relatively easy instructions, and I am hoping the turkey will be noticeably moist.  It was only after I had already begun the brining process that I discovered Wegman’s had a recipe online for brining turkey! I should have known! They also have hundreds and hundreds of other recipes. How I missed all of the services available is beyond me, but I would rather spend a bit more at Wegman’s and use all of their services than buy things a bit less at other stores and not get such good quality and service.

The turkey is now in the oven. Along with the turkey, we are going to have gravy, potatoes, sweet potato souffle, fresh homemade rolls, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and salad. Everything is now made and once the turkey is out of the oven, I will bake the rolls, sweet potatoes and stuffing. I have gotten relatively efficient at doing the Thanksgiving meal and I enjoy it.  This time, I was feeling a bit run down, but managed to scurry about in spite of myself! I nearly forgot that I baked a pumpkin pie first thing this morning!

Mark and the kids are currently watching a movie about King George, and I am trying to just rest and lay low so as not to overdo and end up feeling terribly miserable. There have been reports on the news about a terrible cold that is going around that has actually killed people. I just want to take it easy so this thing passes quickly! This is such a crummy time of the year to get sick….

So, to all of those celebrating, have a Happy Thanksgiving!