A Most Unexpected Little Visitor

Late this morning, I was washing up a few dishes at the kitchen sink.  Above the sink is a small window, facing to the north.  As I was working, I suddenly heard a loud *thump* against the window.  Ben was with me, and I told him it was a bird.  We have birds hit against the windows from time to time, but they usually just fly away.

Later, I was going outside with a handful of recyclables to carry to the garage. As I stepped on the deck, I happened to look down, and there was a little Titmouse!  This must have been the little bird that flew into the glass about half an hour before.

The poor little bird was fluffed up a bit, just sitting there.  I became so distressed, as I really didn’t want the poor little thing to die. I had no idea what to do, so I just prayed that the little bird would be okay. I also got a glove and picked the little fellow up and moved it over to the far corner of the deck where no one walks. When I moved it,(extremely gently) my little charge squawked just a little and bit at the glove. I spoke to it quietly, and it almost looked as though it was listening to me!


I don’t suppose I will ever get this close to a wild bird ever again, but my little subject just sat there blinking his eyes at me and watching…


The Titmouse is a beautiful little bird, but when one is feeding, they can be a little aggressive to other birds. I have seen them pecking at one another.


I was beginning to stress about the little fellow sitting there, and Mark said to not worry about it. A few minutes later, I went out to the deck, and the little bird was gone! I think the poor little one must have just been stunned.  I am so grateful to think that it has recovered and is now fine once again.

A rather short and stressful visit that ended well!