Where did this past week go?  Yes, it was pretty much a blur! Last Saturday, we were in Erie, Pennsylvania, for Splash Lagoon. Upon returning home, we were in the woods, cutting firewood, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday, we went to Rochester with Mark, as his mom had a doctor’s appointment. Afterward, we went shopping for supplies for Michelle’s birthday party.

That brings us to Friday. This is how it looked, just before daybreak….


I had so many things to do, but first, I needed to make a fire in the house…..


 And, the garage….


The party was Saturday, so I wanted to get the garage heated up nicely. I figured if I got the stove fired up on Friday, I could warm everything up. 

After getting the fires going, I had to grab the pile of wood that was dumped inside the garage and stack it in the woodshed.  I did this as everyone else was still asleep in the house.  By the time I finished, everyone was awake, so later on, the kids began the transformation from cluttered garage to party house!

The kids worked hard, moving all of the tools and other stuff out of the garage. Michelle loaded all of the stuff to go to the dump into the back of the Explorer.  By the time the kids got everything removed from the garage, it looked terrific!

Mark came out and helped the kids unload the (250 pound) Foosball table he had bought for the party.  Oh, did I mention Mark loves playing Foosball?  By the time they finished, Ben was itching to play, so he and Mark remained in the garage till nearly 11 pm!

On Saturday morning, Michelle wanted to get up early to buy a couple of things she had forgotten. And, I needed to purchase butter and pepperoni. (odd combo, right?) 

We were up and out the door before 7. The greeter at WalMart told us we were smart shoppers, beating the rush. If only he *knew*! hehehe We got all of our goodies, paid, then wasted a few minutes….I had to take the stuff to the dump, which didn’t open until 9, so I wanted to stop on the way home.

I made a huge batch of Macaroni and Cheese and put it into the Crock Pot. I also made up a batch of Spinach Dip.  Carly and her son, Kyle, came shortly after 11. Carly was a terrific help, cleaning up the house and working in the kitchen. (hey, she works overnights as a baker!) Carly carried on, baking chicken strips, onion rings, and pizza bagels.

Kids began arriving around 2, and everything went along very smoothly! In all honesty, these kids were polite, neat, and just a joy to have! Everyone behaved quite nicely and I think everyone had a good time.

Here are a few pictures….

(love this shirt!)






 If all parties went this smoothly, they would be quite the pleasure! The garage was toasty and the good times lit the room and cast a very wonderful glow, as well as terrific memories for one fifteen-year-old and her family!

The Scottie boys were confined to their crates for several hours, and other than a little barking a couple of times, were very good boys.

This coming Thursday is Thanksgiving Day here in the US. The day after, the kids will attend a “Turkey Skate”. This is on Friday night, and they basically stay up all night, skating!

Saturday is Carly’s birthday and the following Thursday is my mother’s birthday.  November is a busy month here in the Bristolwood! So, then things settle down a little. Who am I kidding? Then, it is getting ready for Christmas!