A Scottie Surprise!

Late this afternoon, I went to the mailbox to get our mail.  There was a large envelope in with the others, addressed to me! I was surprised to see that it was from a young friend who reads my blog.  Her mom is also an online friend of a few years!

I anxiously raced back to the house, my curiosity piqued!

Inside were a little package, wrapped in pretty tissue paper, and an envelope. I opened the package and found the CUTEST Scottie keychain I have ever seen!


 The keychain has several charms…a Scottie, one that reads I (heart) my dog, another, boasting Best in Show,  a tiny food bowl with a bone in it, a larger bone, and a heart! This is one of the prettiest chains I have ever seen! Thank you SO MUCH, Tay!

I opened the envelope, which had a beautiful butterfly hand-painted in the corner! And, inside was a lovely hand-painted card with butterflies on it. Tay said it was hand-painted by a friend!  AND, Tay wrote me such a lovely note inside!


This was a total surprise, and I am just so thrilled to have received such a thoughtful gift!

Thank you so much, Tay, and sending warm hugs all the way to your house from Angus, Murphy, and me!!!