Reflecting While Alone in the Woods

Late yesterday morning, as we were completing the task of gathering our firewood, Mark and the kids left me alone in the woods for about half an hour.  It was one of those quiet times that I so relish….

 As I sat in the warmth of sunlight that made its way to me through shadows of trees, my mind began to race. As I looked around me, I wondered what this land was like 200 years ago. Our woods is quite young. I don’t believe we have any really old trees growing in it, although there are some white oaks several hundred feet back that have a very impressive stance.  I would guess they must be over 100 years old, at least.

Looking at the trees was not good enough, so I wandered about a little.  I found a branch that had fallen from one of those large white oaks. It was still suspended in the air, caught on branches of trees surrounding it.  The branch was huge, with a great deal of firewood to be cut from it. But that will wait until next year.

As I approached the tree, I realized that I was walking into what appears to be a big natural “amphitheater”! The area is actually a semi-circle and the land rises up gently, forming a bowl-like appearance.  It would be interesting to seat the family in various parts of this area and have someone talk from below to see if their voice really does carry.

I wandered back down to where I was supposed to be waiting, and as I sat there, my mind once again carried me off….this time, I watched as a bright green bug walked past me among the leaves.  Its coloration made me long for my camera, but it was safely awaiting me at home. I watched that bug for quite some time, realizing that the woods is so full of life. 

I began to see so many signs of life… moss that was growing on rocks that seemed to nearly “sparkle” as the sunlight played upon it, fading in and out.  There were tiny little bugs I had never seen before, and even a little spider worked its way across my path.  I watched a daddy-long-legs as he scrambled across a cut stump. As I looked about, I smiled as I thought that even the very soil beneath the carpet of fallen leaves is alive, supporting the trees and plant life surrounding me!

My nearly dreamlike state was interrupted by the sound of the ATV making its way through the woods….Mark was returning with the kids bouncing and giggling in the wagon behind. We worked some more, then Mark asked if we should split wood, or go inside.  The kids, so tired from working these past 4 days, both shouted, “Go inside!”  I smiled as Mark gave out a sigh….he admitted he too was exhausted from all of the activity!

I took Michelle to her Bible study later on and spent some time looking around TJMaxx. The store is full of Christmas decorations and gifts. This is the time of the year that I really enjoy just looking at everything.  I am not much of a “shopper”, but in the autumn and through the Christmas season, it seems like there are so many beautiful and rich colors! Oh, to have my camera with me!

The weather report called for rain, but we only had “drizzle” on and off.

This morning, I awakened at 4:45 to the sound of rain against the window.  Our ground is so parched,  the sound of rain almost brings a sense of “quenching”! I listened for awhile, then got up and took the Scotties out. They were reluctant to go out, and as they walked in the wet grass, Murphy looked back at the porch.  The smell of rain mixed with leaves and soil filled my nostrils and it was such a satisfying scent. Even more satisfying is the realization that all of the firewood is now tucked safely inside the woodshed and not getting saturated by rain!

The weather forecast says that we might be seeing a coating of the white stuff tonight and tomorrow.

Oh, and speaking of the rich colors this time of the year, I had a pleasant surprise awaiting me as I opened my eyes this morning! It might be early, but it is certainly appreciated!