Firewood FINALE!!!

 The weather forecast this morning called for winds kicking up and some rain this afternoon.  I was up before 5, and decided at about 6:30, everyone else should rise so we could get the firewood finished up. Mark agreed!

The temperature was agreeable….quite comfortable, with a brisk southern breeze.  I had some more cutting to do, so one of the kids stayed with me to cant logs up to cut, while the other loaded cut wood into the wagon behind the ATV and unloaded it in the woodshed. Shortly after noon, we were finshing up as the skies became dark and threatening.

Yes, we now have two rows of firewood! Some of it needs to be split, which we plan to work on tomorrow.


You may notice the “dark” wood….that particular batch has been a source of contention between the mister and me….*That* wood is basswood. Basswood is highly prized by woodcarvers for its ease to work. However, I personally find Basswood of little to NO value. It is soft, grows in the most twisted nearly impossible to stack way! Can you tell I REALLY don’t like this wood?

Two years ago, Mark made me cut up a gigantic basswood tree along one of our trails. I grumbled and complained the entire time…Last year, Mark said he was going to gather it and I grumbled and complained once again! Well, this year, I grumbled and complained *again”, but Mark insisted he was going to gather it. hehe…Ben grumbled and complained as he picked it up off the ground!

Mark said he is going to try splitting it to see if it is any good. My prediction?


Yes, that is a piece of that putrid Basswood with my finger inserted. What would YOU think? Back to the woods, I say! But, in the event that the Basswood leaves the premises, there is MORE wood sitting in the non-woodshed part of the garage to take its place! Mark might be obstinate, but he is forward-thinking!


We had to clear out a lot of stuff from the third garage bay so Mark could pull the ATV through with firewood. The garage looks *disgusting*! And, guess what? On Saturday, Michelle is holding a birthday party there!


A party in the garage? Oh yes! We have the little brother of our Jotul woodstove out there and the garage is nicely insulated! Once we get a fire, it turns into a cozy BIG area perfect for a big gathering! Stay tuned for this one….

After finishing the wood, I raced into the house and made up a big batch of Broccoli-Cheese soup.  The kids wolfed the soup down along with a turkey sandwich.  After everyone was done eating, I went out and fired up the mower so I could mulch the leaves again. I also raked a lot of the leaves (and there were sooooo many!) out of the flower beds. I was so thankful to get this all done before the rain came!

Upon completing this little task, Mark wondered about a box that supposedly arrived at our mailbox yesterday. He called the company that sent the box, as well as the post office. The mailman said he left it on the box, but it wasn’t there. So, I went out into the woods out front and looked around. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the box, but I sure saw some beautiful things! (Oh, and the company said they are resending the box so Mark will have it tomorrow!)

The oak trees keep their leaves well into the winter, and the colors on this one are outstanding! Because the woods in our area are mostly oak populated, the hills have a golden to reddish glow to them when the sun shines. It is so beautiful!


And there will always be plenty more oaks!


I have no idea what these red berries are, but the leaves on the plant are almost as pretty as the berries themselves!


Look at the pretty colors on the leaves of this tiny oak tree!


All in all, it has been a very satisfying day. The relief of knowing our wood is secure is tremendous! There were years when we were bringing wood in during a snowstorm!

As I was feeling so pleased about the day, a small streak of light shone through the window, lighting up the Christmas Cactus…as though “highlighting” one particular flower that is nearly ready to open!