I Could Use a Little Help…

I recently decided that I need to do a “deep-cleaning” in our bedroom. Although it is a fairly large room,  I tend to pile *stuff* up and then I suddenly find myself feeling like things are out of control!

As I was looking in the closet, I came upon a piece I had crocheted two or three years ago. A Scottie friend of mine gave me a pattern for this piece, which called for a fine thread with a small crochet hook. It was made to be placed on a chair back….and yes, it is a very OLD pattern!  I decided that I would like to translate it into a curtain and used a thicker thread and hook. 


 In this photo, I placed it against the navy blue couch in the bedroom. As you can see, it really “pops” against that background!

So, here is the problem….This piece measures about 30″ across. My windows are all 36″ wide.  I initially thought of buying a plaid fabric and sewing the crocheted piece onto it.  That way, the crochet would look “framed”. But….would this look totally stupid hanging in the window? I mean, curtains usually are “ruffled” in the window, not “flat”. 

Perhaps I would do better to just frame the piece?

 Well, as long as we are in my bedroom, take a look at the Christmas Cactus! I have been flying about in such a hurried pace, I looked at this the other day and wondered where the buds came from!