Remembering Our Veterans

Today is Veteran’s Day, the day set aside each year to stop and thank those who have served and are currenty serving our country.

My dad had three older brothers who served our country during World War II. Although many families lost loved ones during that time, my uncles all returned home and lived out their lives here. One brother had even experienced the horror of Normandy…

Mark’s dad was a veteran of the Korean War.

Today, many of my friends have husbands and children involved in the Iraqi War.

I just want to thank those who have served, and those who currently are serving, for their brave conviction to stand for our country. Although those of us who have never served cannot understand, I do believe that God places the calling upon the hearts of many, who are, indeed, willing to lay down their life for the defense of others.  God bless those brave souls and may they find favor, not only with God, but with their fellow humans….

Good Morning!

Oh how happy I am this morning that it was *not* this cold yesterday morning when we spent the night snoozing in the truck!  Yes, the promise of a warmer and sunny day is on the horizon, but….


When the Scottie-boys and I went outside this morning, the leaves underfoot had a definite “crunch” to them! The temperature was just a tad above 20, and everything was coated in a clear glaze.


Even the plant I was unsure about! My friend, Shaye, identified this plant as “mullein”, which I am sure it is. It grows this little compact plant the first year, then next year, it will shoot out from the center and grow to a tall plant, producing yellow clusters of flowers. We had several of those plants on the side of the garage this year, so I am quite sure that correctly identifies this plant. Thanks, Shaye!


Although the frost is quite heavy this morning, the sun is shining so brightly and the sky is so blue, it is going to be a beautiful day here. As the weather warms some this coming week, we will be scurrying about the woods like squirrels, gathering the balance of our firewood for the cold ahead. In all honesty, we are fortunate, no….*blessed*, that the weather has remained so warm and kind thus far this year!