A Quick Trip!

 Yesterday afternoon, we left the Bristolwood for a brief trip to Erie, Pennsylvania. The kids had made plans to attend another wild night at Splash Lagoon!  What is Splash Lagoon? Well, if you had been reading here last November and March, you would know that it is an indoor water park!

Family Life Ministries, located about 40 miles from our home, sponsers this event every March and November.  Kids can take a bus, but Mark and I enjoy the opportunity to escape for a day, so we drive them.  The doors open at 10:30 pm, and the kids have a party until 3 am! During this time, they play on the slides and just have a ball! They are also served pizza and a drink during this time.

As we head to Erie, we pass near my parents’ home, so we usually make it a point to stop by for a visit. I called my mom and told her we were coming, so we went to the Rod and Gun Club they belong to for a fish fry.  This place serves food that is wonderful, and the pricing is almost too good to be true. We visited at my parents’ home for a bit after dinner.

When we arrived at the house, little Fritz was delighted to see us! Michelle and I got on the floor to visit with the tiny “Dashing Hound” and he bounced back and forth, racing like a little bolt of lightening and licking us with endless puppy kisses!


Little Fritz weighs about 2 pounds more than the last time we saw him, but the biggest change in his physique is that hs nose has “stretched” out, making him appear more like an adult Dachshund.

It was nearly impossible to capture the little pup, as he was wound like the Energizer Bunny, hopping anxiously back and forth and jumping up at me with his sweet kisses!

He did light for a few seconds….


Can you believe this face?


We left and began our trip to Erie. As we drove along, we faced rain and at one point, snow.  There is a stretch that we passed through that is the “snow belt” and there were several inches of snow deposited on the ground, likely lake effect snow from Lake Erie.

We arrived at Splash Lagoon with plenty of time to spare. As soon as the kids entered the building, I hopped into the back seat, along with Murphy, and took a nap. I slept pretty much until the kids returned back at 3. 

We drove down to our “usual” parking spot and slept until daybreak. Well, the kids slept, anyway. Mark and I sat and watched Mr. Deeds, which Mark had put on my I-Pod.  I was a bit put off by the senseless innuendos and stupid sexual remarks, but otherwise, the movie was funny.  We watched for quite some time, when the movie just ended, prematurely.

I rarely ever take the time to sit and watch a movie. I just find that there are so many other worthy tasks at hand, it seems foolish for me to sit and watch something that I usually find worthless….I couldn’t believe that I had sat through nearly the whole movie, only to find the end was missing! Ah well, Mark told me the ending.

Daybreak came shortly before 7 am, so when it was 7, Mark and I awakened the kids to let them know we were going to look in a store for a little while. They slept in the pickup bed and upon our return, they looked like twin “mummies”, wrapped in down comforters!

Here is Splash Lagoon by daylight….



And this was on the ground in the parking lot! Erie had gotten socked with some snow last  Thursday, to the tune of a few inches. This was heaped up from the plows and was actually melting.  The temperature averaged about 36-40 degrees during our little “campout”.  


 Yes, I know….we could stay in a motel overnight, but it seems so senseless for only a few hours, and there is something so “special” about this time we spend every few months….

We stopped once again at my parents’ home on the way home. Today was Mark’s birthday, so we had cake and ice cream, along with a delicious lunch! And, of course, little Fritz was such a good little host, kissing us ferociously!

We arrived home again at about 6 this evening. Needless to say, we are all dragging a bit and the thought of snuggling into a warm and cozy bed sounds nearly luxurious!  Of course, the temperature in the house was 55, feeling much warmer than the 29 outside, but I found it rather urgent to immediately make a fire in the stove!

‘Tis so nice to be home again in the Bristolwood!