A Most Unusual Situation

Yesterday afternoon, we received an automated telephone call. Mark picked it up and was about to hang up, when he heard the message commenting that we had bought some ground beef from Wegman’s…it was actually a courtesy call from Wegman’s. It seems the company they buy ground beef from had tested positive for e coli bacteria last month. Wegman’s has a “Shopper’s Club Card” that they use in tracking sales and buying trends.

Thus, the phone call. My card had alerted the store that I had bought from the date that the possible contaminated meat would have been sold. Mark asked about the meat, as Wegman’s said they would refund money.

Well, I generally buy a large container of the beef, then divide it into one to one-and-a-half pound packages to use throughout the weeks to come. I was quite sure that the meat was already used in meals we had eaten since last month. One thing I do know for sure is that I generally overcook beef, as I cannot tolerate the thought of raw meat.  I also am keenly aware of proper handling of meat. Most times, I even wear latex gloves when mixing things like meatloaf or meatballs, as the thought of mixing raw meat is a bit revolting….

I didn’t think of the whole thing again yesterday.

I took Michelle to her Bible study, then went off to accomplish some errands for Mark. It meant traveling several miles.  We left a bit late, so I was under the gun, so to speak, as there was little time to lolly-gag.

I hurried from one store to the next, then sped off to another town several miles away to pick up an item.  It was shortly after that…..suddenly, my stomach felt as though someone was inserting their fist and twisting. I raced to pick Michelle up from Bible study, then headed for home.

Upon reaching home, I promptly went to bed. However, my poor sleep was disrupted several times throughout the night to visit “the throne”. Ugh…

Today, I was a bit tired, but felt absolutely fine. I am sure the call from Wegman’s and my tumultuous torment were unrelated, but it certainly was quite the “coincidence”!  I would think my problem, were it “mental”, would have arisen from the rushed night out, as I raced about like a tornado looking for a place to light!

Unusual, nonetheless!!!