‘The Ring’


 So, can you guess what the picture above is? Well, last night, we had a mini-snowstorm. The wind was howling like a wolf all night long, and the temperatures plummeted.  I stepped outside the back door last night and took the above picture. None of the snow stayed on the ground, although in some towns south of Buffalo, they received several inches.

I had posted last July about a beautiful ring my mom had given me. Sorlil had commented that she wished I had shown a picture of the ring. I took several pictures a few days later and completely forgot all about them.  Have you any idea just how difficult it is to photograph a ring? I finally gave up and put it back on my chubby finger!


As I said, it is quite difficult to capture a really good shot. I suppose putting it in a light box with a dark background would work well.

Today was a very ‘dreich’ day as my Scottish friends would say. I went outside to take some pictures of Titmice, a male Downy Woodpecker, and a Goldfinch in its winter attire, but I was shivering so, the pictures were all fuzzy! Also, the lighting was so poor (even in the middle of the afternoon) my long lens was getting too little light and the resulting photos were quite dark….and fuzzy!