A Few Things

I have previously stated on this blog before that I am a starry-eyed dreamer and the night before last, I was outside, camera in hand, bemoaning the fact that the day was coming to a close. The low sun in the western sky was casting the golden-honey light that is prevalent this time of the year, and it caused the remaining leaves in the trees to glow with such luster and beauty!




This starry-eyed dreamer has to literally drag herself into the house in the evening, as the weather is something that must be appreciated like a fine wine.  One must move slowly, taking in all of the characteristics of the season, for soon it will be only a memory. And one must fully make the most of memories!

Last night, I went inside after taking photos, and began dinner. As I was working about in the kitchen, the electricity suddenly went off! Thankfully, the burner on the stove continued to function without electric. As dinner cooked, I went about, lighting candles in the living room.

The starry-eyed dreamer within me internally applauds with delight upon seeing the cozy glow of candles lighting the room. Ben and Michelle played a board game by candlelight and everything was startlingly *quiet*!

The electricity remained off for about an hour and fifteen minutes, and we ended up eating our dinner by candlelight as well. The electricity did come on once again just before the Sabres game came on, so the timing was grand!

We found out later that an accident several miles away took down a utility pole.

This morning, the weather picked up right where it left off  the night before.  I refilled the bird feeder, and the birds cheerfully thanked me, hopping about in the trees and singing very cheerfully!

I had to grab my camera to take a few photos of the birds on the feeder.  I was leaning over the deck railing and trying to use my camera in the “auto” mode, but realized I needed to focus manually, as the birds move so quickly, the sensors cannot begin to keep up!





Nuthatch once again.


I totally forgot to mention about the “Moon Halo” I spotted early the morning of October 31.  I don’t remember seeing this before, and it was spectacular! The moon was nearly directly overhead at about 4:45 am.  I took the Scotties outside and  happened to look at the moon!

Encircling the moon was a white “halo” that resembled a circular fluorescent light.  It was so beautiful, I stood gazing into the sky for probably ten minutes! Starry-eyed, I tell you. No one need ever stop me to remind me to smell the roses….I am already there!