I’ve Run Out of Adjectives

Late this morning, I decided to head into the wood storage part of the garage to stack firewood. We had piled what wood we’ve done thus far in a rather haphazard manner, and it really needed to be properly done.  I worked alone for 2 or 3 hours, then Michelle came out and helped for a bit.

After finishing up, I sat down ,and when I rose to get up, *ouch*! My back had quite a pain running up and down, so I put on my swimsuit and soaked in the hot tub. As I was sitting there, I looked around, and was awestruck by the colors surrounding me.

It is just another one of those ” I just cannot believe how beautiful it is!” days. We sure have gotten more than our share of these lately, but today is nearly unbelievable.

                               Redtail Hawk


It’s  November and we still have leaves!


And more leaves…….


Aw, shucks….with the long telephoto lens, I wasn’t able to capture this fast-moving Chickadee.  The birds are flitting and chirping today as though they are thoroughly enjoying this weather as well!


The only word I can think that comes close to accurately describing the yellows, golds, reds, (even greens!) and blues is intoxicating! It is that wonderful!