Are You Ready for This?


Yes, welcome to Halloween night in the tiny don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it community of Cheshire.  Located about 8 miles southwest of Canandaigua, the general consensus of the folks of this little area is that it is better to let the kids “TP” the place than do destructive things on Halloween night.

There was a little sign on either side of the “town” along route 21, advising that there was a “toilet paper party” from 5-7 pm. at the park. As we took Michelle to her Bible study last night, we took a slight detour to witness volunteer firemen directing traffic near the park. As we passed, we saw what looked like hundreds and hundreds of people (of all sizes!) throwing rolls of toilet paper at the trees in the park.

We passed through the town once again shortly after 8:30, and the hoopla had left the park and hooligans were now slowing traffic on the state highway that passes through the town.

I told Mark (much to his total dismay) that I wanted to take pictures. I got out and he was going to park at the little store located there.  As soon as he saw what he called “people coming at him like zombies with rolls and wads of TP”, he took off, not wanting our truck decorated with streamers!



Yes, the ladies in the photo below are adults! The most bizarre part of this entire night of hooliganism is the number of parents I heard instructing their offspring in the art of throwing toilet paper. Actually, I saw many parents participating as well.





The good news is that toilet paper is biodegradable, but you better believe that the remains of last night will linger on well after Thanksgiving.  This isn’t anything new, either. It has been going on for many, many years. After all, parents gotta have some fun…..