Tis a Grand Day for Birdwatchin’

I have a birdfeeder that fits into the outside of the window, making it fun to watch the birds as they visit.  I had taken it down for several months, as we had neighbors call us about bear sightings not too far from our home.

I recently rehung the feeder, as I really enjoy watching the birds…we have Chickadees, Titmice, Nuthatches, Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers, as well as an ocassional Bluejay.

Angus isn’t really interested in the birds at all. He could care less as they hop around the feeder, picking out sunflower seeds.  He mindlessly daydreams and never would he growl at their activity.

The only time that Angus leaves all sense of decorum behind is when a dastardly squirrel encroaches upon his domain! The poor little chap then barks with reckless abandon, eyes glazed and hair on his back on end! Of course, the little rodent outside is probably unaware of his antics!

Today, we were fortunate that no rodents appeared as the birds peaceably visited the feeder!






Ah, the charmed life of a carefree canine………….

Errands Abound and a House Underground!

Yesterday morning,  we were greeted by three visitors as the day began. The night before, Ben had called me to the French doors so he could show me that he spotted them. He shone a bright flashlight up the hill, and they were just lying on the ground for the night.  We hadn’t seen them around much lately.


As I stood on the porch to take the picture of the deer, I had to smile at the pretty still life nature offered. I love how the oak leaf landed in the planter!


I don’t know what this “weed” is, but it sure is pretty. Every time I get into the Explorer, I notice it on the side of the hill. It has a soft texture about it….reminds me of a child’s teddy bear! Now that the weather has been somewhat cooler, it also always has water drops near its center.


I had several orders to pack and get out yesterday. Mark has been busy with some paperwork the past couple of weeks, so he asked me to run some errands for him. I am always happy to oblige, particularly this time of the year, as I cannot get enough of the colors and smells!

I had previously mentioned an underground house being built not too far from us. The house was really built on grade, then soil was brought in to give it the underground characteristics.


This house faces due South and use of solar panels became evident early in its construction. This project has been going for several months. Apparently, it has caught the eye of many passers-by, as there is a sign in the driveway regarding a phone number to call for an open house! Ben was excited, as he said he would really like to visit the house once it is completed.


This is the “created” backside of the house. As I said, the house was built on grade with little excavating.


Ben and I ran our errands, then decided since we were in close proximity, we would stop by the mall. I like visiting this time of the year, as there are so many beautiful colors in the stores in anticipation of the (BIG money-making) holidays approaching.

After leaving, I saw this beautiful burning bush. As I got closer to it, it suddenly seemed “alive”!  Yes, once again, there were birds chattering as though excited about the great sales they found just a few feet away, inside the mall!


Well, since I am known by my friends as being a bit….umm, “eccentric”, I found no reason to restrain myself.  Thankfully, a sidewalk ran behind the bush, so I didn’t appear to have totally lost my mind! I walked up behind the bush and peeked inside! If you click and enlarge the next two pictures, you can see Sparrows in the bush! They were so wonderful to accomodate my addiction to photography!



Ben and I had just one more stop as the day was coming to a close. The sky was so glorious in its wash of baby blues and pinks!


I uploaded my pictures last night, but I am afraid all the activity of wandering around the mall  and the intoxicating Autumn coolness over-stimulated my brain. I found myself so exhausted, I was in bed by 9:30!

This morning,  the house is feeling a bit chilly, so I need to make just a small fire in the woodstove to take the chill off!