Some More Random Shots

Our weather yesterday was so incredibly moody! We had rain, sunshine, and high winds! But, it made it all the more cozy to stay inside!

While the sun was shining, I popped outside with the Nikon to take a few pictures.

I had taken a photo a few days ago of this particular Hickory tree with its great golden crown. The crown has thinned out a great deal since that day, and if you look closely, you can see leaves being blown off as I shot this picture!


The leaves are more in “compost” mode than “shade” mode, as witnessed by this photo! They keep getting deeper and deeper in the woods.


As I was walking about, I loved the way the raindrops clung to the leaves, making them sparkle when the sun shone on them.


The sad part about Autumn is that where we live, the leaves get colorful, and before we can thoroughly enjoy them, rain and wind remove them! I have sometimes thought perhaps Autumn should last about 6 months!


I took this photo of a little Junco with my telephoto lens.  It isn’t the greatest photo, but I thought it was kind of cute. The little bird was one of many eating sunflower seeds from the feeder.


One mystery that I ponder is why some trees seem to lose their leaves more quickly than others. I suppose the temperature and wind have something to do with this, but look how chilly this poor naked Hickory looks! This is such a grand and beautiful tree. When Mark had the addition built on the side of the garage, I lobbied on behalf of this tree to save it! You can see that I only caught the top half of it. (see the leaves from other trees around the bottom of the picture) This Shagbark Hickory must stand 50-60 feet.


If is very obvious that one can see much deeper into the woods now!


The view from our driveway remains quite colorful as we look across the hills….


As I walked back to the house, I was so encouraged to see the bright yellow faces of the Daisies I had planted from a hanging basket purchased early this summer.  Look at how cheerful these little flowers look amidst the leaf litter surrounding them!


Life is so good in the Bristolwood!

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