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  1. If not for the electrical wires, the picture of the barn would be a wonderful calendar photo for October! I also love the shot of Canandaigua Lake! It looks like a painting, not a photograph! I suppose it is a painting really…God’s painting! Great photos!!!

  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

    Yes you have lovely scenery there – however I have to confess I’m more attracted to desolate scenes e.g. wind-swept high bare moorland with nary a habitation (or human) in sight or hard jagged rock landscapes.

    I haven’t managed yet to work out how to photograph these satisfactorily – mine tend to come out as flat dead pictures.

  3. Thank you, Carly!

    Bill, I often think that beauty is not only in the “eye” of the beholder, but also in the “heart” as well!

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