Before the Rains….

When I checked the weather this morning and saw a big bright green blob heading northward from Pennsylvania, I decided the time to mulch the lawn again was right then! I got the mower out and worked quickly to get those pesty leaves all mulched into tiny bits. As I was working, the winds began to kick up a little, so the little mower moved along briskly, with me it tow! Here is the result…


I leaned out the upstairs bedroom window to take a picture of the trails leading into the woods. It is becoming easier and easier to see further into the woods!


This afternoon, Mark asked me to go to Canandaigua to do some errands. I was more than happy to go, as I love getting out. I had to drive past Bristol Mountain, a ski area not too far away. The next few pictures are of the mountain.


Snow machines lined up at the bottom of the picture.




I stopped in the town of Canandaigua for a few minutes. While there, I took a few pictures of scenes there. Some businesses had made up “harvest people” who were situated here and there around the sidewalks….



In photographing the harvest people, I couldn’t help but do some window shopping. There were so many beautiful displays as I walked along past the shops.


This display was located at a title company. Although the picture has a lot of reflection from the streetlight and and buildings on the other side of the street, I thought it only added a degree of interest to the photo!




 This display *really* caught my eye. These are such awesome bowls that are handmade and it looks like the woodworker tries to maintain the tree’s basic shape as each basket is formed. 


 This last picture really hit me between the eyes. Unique Toy Shop is just that. Instead of toys that can be found in any department store, they sell toys that are well made and destined to last more than just one generation.  I remember before Mark suffered the spinal cord injury, the kids and I would often frequent this delightful toy haven and oogle over what we saw. Each year, a postcard arrived in the mail, offering the birthday child a percentage off a purchase. We used those postcards a few times!


We had several other stores to visit, so we were off to plazas and stores here and there.  One of our last stops was Wegman’s, as I needed to pick up a couple of peppers.  As I walked towards the store, it began to rain.

I edged nearer and nearer the store when I couldn’t help but look in the small trees in front of the store. I smiled as I spotted literally hundreds of sparrows, feathers puffed out, chirping loudly, as though singing praises! I stopped for a few seconds, just totally taken by this….I was surprised as others just walked past as though they were deaf; apparently they found nothing the least unusual in this loud chorus of sparrows!

I have spoken before about being a starry-eyed dreamer, but something within me just will never understand how folks can walk past something so incredible and never even *notice*……

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  1. Excellent set of photos.

    Some folks have brilliant imaginations to design/construct their harvest people.

    I’ve noticed this apparent lack of ability to hear sounds of nature, especially the delightful sound made by flocks of small birds who just seem to want to celebrate life in general.

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