Home Again, Home Again!

We often go shopping at a little shopping mecca along the Southern Tier of New York State.  There is a Sam’s Club there, and Mark favors shopping there as opposed to some of the larger stores, as there are generally fewer people there at any given time.

Almost the entire length of Route 86 (formerly known as Route 17) is cradled on either side between beautiful rolling hills. This route basically runs across the state, east and west.  As it rolls on to the east, it even runs through some very beautiful topography located in the Catskill Mountains.

We were parked in a strip plaza facing a Lowe’s across the road. As you can see, the hills frame the area so nicely.


Here is another shot of the hills. Although the hills in the picture are not focussed, I loved how this shot turned out, as the trees  look as though they were “sponge painted”!


Mark, Ben, the Scotties, and I went on this little excursion today. Michelle was left behind with my friend, Cindy. I was so excited about taking photos, but unfortunately, I was so busy shopping, I really had little oportunity to take *any* pictures.  I was disappointed, as there were many neat things to photograph.

Our last stop before heading back to the Bristolwood was a Wegman’s store. I went in the store, feeling a little peeved that my day had been less than productive. (well, in my book, anyway)

Ben and I shopped a little, and as we came back to the truck, I looked up to see what looked like a giant moon hung in the sky! I finally had something cool to capture! This is the moon just hanging over the hills on the horizon…


And, a little further up in the sky!


Let’s see….we went to Sam’s Club to buy some goods for the freezer. Then Best Buy so Mark could look at some hard drives and laptops. After that,  it was Staples to pick up some rolls of tape. Then, Ben wanted to go over to the mall. Guess who was elected to run in with him?

Yup. So, as we passed a Hallmark Store, I decided I would just peek in for a few minutes. It was there that I made *my* purchase for the day…


Yes indeedy, kissing Scottie salt and pepper shakers!

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  1. Did you see the “kissing doxies” at the Hallmark store? I always have to stop at Hallmark stores when I see them to dream about adding to my hot-diggity-dog collection! Drives Jeff nuts, but oh well!

    The “sponge” hills picture almost reminds me of those backgrounds they use at portrait studios. Wasn’t the moon wonderful last night? When I left for work at 1:30 this morning, I had to stop and admire the moon. It was terrific!

  2. Hehehe…Bill, I figured you might get a kick out of my Scottie shakers! Funny thing…several people from my favorite Scottish Terrier board, called CyberScots, have visited Scotland. The report is….there aren’t many Scotties seen walking their owners in Scotland! We did have one young woman from Scotland on the list with her little Scottie, but she got married and we never heard from her any more!

    Carly, if they would have had the Dachsies, I probably would have bought them. If you had them, then I would have given them to Gma and Gpa!

    Hmm…impressionistic, portrait studio trees! I am more clever than I know!!!! haha!

  3. Great shakers there Kae! hehe 🙂 They might make a cool Christmas gift for my sister. She’s not so much into Scotties, but Scotland and shakers are another story. Her dog of flavor is Beagle.

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