A Sneak Peek at My Day!

After staying up until nearly midnight last night,  Murphy awakened me this morning at 4:45! No fair, say I! I took him and Angus outside to do their thing, then went back to bed. (very unusual for me…once I am up, I am up for the day!) Imagine my surprise when I opened my eyes and the clock radio was beaming “8:24” at my face! Yikes!

We had plans for today and those included some firewood cutting and gathering.  Knowing we would need a little “fuel for the furnace”, I made breakfast sandwiches for the family, then served myself something a bit lighter.  To me, there is nothing quite like eating a big breakfast and then bending over with the chainsaw, only to experience the flaming sensation of heartburn!

So, I settled for a more sensible breakfast with some good protein. Ritz crackers with a smidgen of cream cheese, topped with a teaspoonful of “Turbo-charged jelly”. (the jelly is comprised of pineapple juice with habanero peppers….Wheeeeee Haw!) For a bit of relief from the afterburn, I had some cheese curds and a nice Cortland apple! And no, I don’t get heartburn from the jelly!


As I walked outside, the sunlight was playing on the glorious golden leaves…


And on the hill behind the garage, the trees have begun their annual display…



Yes, the Bristolwood is becoming ablaze with color.

We went up into the woods, and I began cutting. I cut down five dead trees that looked like they would come down relatively well. A couple of them got hung up, and Mark was able to yank them down easily with the ATV.  Our workday didn’t start until about 10:30, and one of those ornery trees that hung up wedged my chainsaw, bending the bar a bit. Mark said he would fix the bar and redress it, so I decided to take a little journey to the dump to get rid of the oceans of recyclables we had collected.

I pulled up to the recycle area and look what (who?) was in the dumpster! I tell you, it is the time of year you see the strangest things!


Just as I was about to turn into the driveway,  my eyes caught sight of this incredible color display! It looks fake…the red Sumac and bright yellow/gold of the Hickory behind it look too brilliant to be real! (if you look closely at the wires on the pole, you can spot the big ole paper wasp nest I blogged about previously)


We worked in the woods until about 4 o’clock, and by then, I was beginning to drag! The temperature went into the 70’s today, but with the colorful canopy above us, we were shielded from the heat of the day. I was surprised that I was able to fell all those trees and cut them up all in the same day.  We certainly made good headway on our firewood supply.

As we finished, I told Mark I was just too tired to prepare a meal, so he said he would take us to Canandaigua for a little something. I was thrilled because it was about all I could do to crawl into the truck!

I got a Philly sub from Arby’s and it was SO good! It really hit the spot! AND, there was a little surprise awaiting us at Arby’s as well! Behind the store, there is a giant pond that stretches behind several businesses. And, the pond was filled, and then some, with Canada Geese! I suppose these are migrating birds or perhaps geese that came to Canandaigua to spend the winter.


If you click on the picture above, you can see all the geese in the background. As I was taking the picture of the geese, I heard a duck.  I looked to the left, and there was this female Mallard, squawking and quacking. Her quacks sounded more like a cackling laugh! I chuckled to myself, because she sounded as though she was scolding all the geese for being in “her” pond.  What a troublemaker!


After taking “Cackles” picture, I turned and walked away. Something caused me to look back once more, and to my surprise, apparently two males found her noise alluring, as they made their way towards her! I would have walked back and taken more photos, but I was just too weary from the day’s activity!

Mark obliged me by taking the longer route home, but it really was not too spectacular, as the road was somewhat darkened as the sun had pretty much set behind the hills…

As we drove down the road to our house, the sky almost took our breath away! Mark even stopped the truck so I could hop out and take a picture! Yes, just another perfect day…..