Enjoying Some Autumnal Colors!

When my mother and I made plans to meet today,  the weather forecast was calling for some rain and cloudy skies.  We would rather meet on such days, as we must scurry like busy little squirrels over the next couple of weeks to gather our firewood for the winter!

The weather ended up being nothing less than spectacular, and the drive was so enjoyable.  The only problem I suffered with in this (too brief) visit was that my trigger finger (as in, the one that actually activates the shutter on my camera) was itching the entire trip down and back. I figure that if I could just wander about the next couple of weeks, I could have a grand time getting some quality photos! However,the reality is that there is much work to be done and it must be done quickly. So, I am pretty much bound to stay right here….

Surely, I digress.

The restaurant we so dearly enjoy is snuggled in the “Enchanted Mountains”.  To see them in their Autumnal glory, it would certainly seem that the moniker was well given!

After meeting little Fritz, we placed him securely in his little carrier and went inside the restaurant. It sure seems strange the people they hire for hostesses these days….


We ate our meal and then dispersed back outside to enjoy the dear little Dachsie, as well as the glorious weather!  As I was taking photos of Fritz, I was also taking a few of the restaurant’s scenery.

The skies were so impressive and bright!


The owners of the restaurant own a pair of Golden Retrievers.  On top of the restaurant are cupolas with retrieverweather vanes.


If weather can be “intoxicating”, this is the kind of day we had today! All the colors of everything just seemed to scream out as the sun played hide and seek. The lamp posts appeared so interesting when framed by the colors of Autumn and the intense blue sky with cotton-like puffs for clouds….


I know that psychologists suggest that colors cause various reactions in our human body chemistry.  Is there a more peaceful time than Autumn?  If I had a hammock, I know that I would be spending time in it during these days. In fact, when the kids were tiny, we did have a hammock stretched out in the front yard between a white oak and red oak.

When the kids refused to settle down to rest during the day, I remember I would grab a blanket and we would snuggle together while I read books to them as we gently swayed back and forth on that hammock.  It is hard to reconcile that time has passed so quickly, and the eye hooks that held that hammock in place became embedded in the trees. 


Our area is not this pronounced as far as color goes yet, but as we traveled, I noticed that in some areas, the trees were past their color “peak” and many trees were already “naked”.


Intoxicating….it was just that kind of a day….


Meet Fritz!


Today we traveled to meet my parents at our favorite restaurant *and* to meet the new Dachshund puppy…

As soon as Mark parked the truck, I was out in a flash to meet the little fellow. I love dogs so much, and this little fellow is so special!

My parents and brother announced that the puppy now has a name! They began calling him Fritz yesterday!

I took many pictures of the new lad, but was sadly disappointed when many turned out to be mere blurs of a rambunctious little puppy! Trying to photograph this little boy was certainly a challenge, as he never stays still for more than a second or two.





Look how *tiny* Fritz looks walking through that “field” of tall (not!) grass!!!





My brother, Randy, had no idea whatsoever that they were getting the new puppy. You cannot imagine Randy’s delight when he came home from work last Friday to find little Fritz sitting in the dining room. Randy’s face tells all…Little Fritz will never lack love living in his new home!