Scottie Tales…


This morning, I decided I had enough of my Scottish “Teddybears”.  I set up my new grooming table about 3 or 4 feet away from the bed. I decided to groom in the bedroom because it has hardwood floors (for easier cleanup afterwards) and is also probably the quietest  area of the house. Add to that the fact that the bathroom is only a short distance away for their bath, and it was the perfect place!

Since Angus looked the most pathetic, I decided to start with him. I placed him on the table, and had just gotten the “loop” around his neck, when the table began to collapse on one side, becoming a big sliding board. Since my hand was still on the loop, I released poor little (very dignified) Angus and he slid to the floor.  Immediately, as soon as his paws could offer some traction, he was off to hide under the bed.

I opened the “cookie jar” and offered him a tasty morsel….being one food-driven little man,  he snaked his way out from under the bed, only to be humiliated when I grabbed him and placed him once again upon the table. (after making sure the legs were secured in place!)

It took some time to carve out that handsome Scottie look. Angus abhors the clippers and makes no bones about it! It takes a great deal of patience and a bit of coercion to get him through a clipping.  In his little mind, the clippers represent nothing more than time spent wriggling and trying to escape from under my hand!

I finally had to call Michelle into the room to hold Angus’s head still while I trimmed around his ears with a pair of safety scissors.  He refuses to allow clippers on his head. Best I can figure is that the buzzing of the clippers on his skull creates a feeling he cannot tolerate! Violent vibrations!

As soon as we finished the clipping, I took Angus into the hallway to sit down with him to trim his toenails. This is a real treat.  He has learned a technique that frustrates me to the point that I want to scream, but I don’t.  He watches the nail clippers get near his toenail, then he kickboxes! I kid you not. He thrusts his 20-something pound (muscular) body into a contortion that causes me to struggle to keep hold of him!  As soon as he relaxes (well, somewhat relaxes) I grab him and hold him tightly. This usually means I end up getting so overheated, I feel as though I am going to just tumble to the floor. However, in the world of Angus and me,  I always come out victorious! ALWAYS!

We headed into the bathroom after the toenails were done, and poor little Angus sat in the corner of the tub, looking so sullen!  As soon as his bath was done, he rolled and ran about, trying to rid of that wretched feeling of being wet!

Murphy was next on the table, and I was glad I saved him for last!  I had no need to place the loop around his neck. Murphy is my compliant “child”, often relaxing while the clippers pass through his thick brindled coat!

I turned around for a second, and as I turned back, Murphy’s slender body was sailing off the grooming table and landing on the bed! Little tufts of hair flew off his body, and as I yelled, he playfully thought we were having ourselves a little game of run away from Mum! Michelle finally arrived on the scene, giggling and enjoying the activity, but eventually grabbing my little charge and placing him back up on the table!

Murphy is very opposite Angus…although he doesn’t like getting his toenails clipped, he tolerates it rather nicely. That is, unless I accidently go a bit deep. Then, he snarls and growls at the nasty toenail clippers! He is doing much better, because when I first got him, I had to put on his “mask” (muzzle) as he lightly bit me a time or two, while snarling to the point that I was (nearly!) frightened!

Murphy had his bath and then romped about the house, acting as though he was rather grateful for the new improved feeling!

This evening, I came upstairs to rest for a few minutes. I heard a little sound outside the door, and guess who was sitting there, waiting for me to open the door and let him in?  Murphy is so different from Angus. Angus doesn’t trust me at all. He is sure that my hands will “produce” the dreaded blasphemous clippers if I even pet him. He only comes willingly to me when he hears his food being dished up! Murphy, on the other hand, forgives me for my silly transgressions, and just wants to be loved!

Murphy’s cute little “Scottie-sculpted” head.


 Murphy and Angus were bred by the same breeder. The difference is that they both had the same father, but Angus’s mother was a wheaton Scottie (off white to cream-colored) and Murphy’s mother was pitch black! The result is amazing..the boys look like twins, although Murphy is “slight” and a bit lighter in weight.

Mark has found this grooming a bit stressful, as he cannot tell the two Scots apart! But, there is a way to tell….Murphy wears a “special” tag….


Poor little fellow. As he *tried* so hard to just snooze, I kept taking pictures of him and annoying him with the flash on the camera. But, he is a good-natured little fellow….

 Just look at that face!