How Could I Forget?

Whilst rejoicing in the deployment of my formerly defunct kitchen sink, I completely forgot all about the “other” plumbing woe faced this weekend….

Yes, when a house is located “in the boonies”, there is no public water located nearby. Thus, its inhabitants must then depend upon the well.  And, in the event that we have a very dry summer, water must sometimes be “carted in” from another source.

Since this summer was severely dry, we have had a few water deliveries made. Each time water is placed into the well, we must then bring it into the house, via the pressure tank. Our little pressure gauge, located at the bottom of the pressure tank, was old, rusty, and no longer functional.


One day last month, (or perhaps the month previous), we bought a *new* pressure gauge.

On Saturday morning, Mark remembered the new gauge, and thought perhaps I might want to install it!

 Mark’s instructions seemed very easy:

 1. Turn off the water coming into the house, through the pipe.  (check!)


 2. Empty water in the pressure tank by turning on the laundry sink. (check!)


With instructions clearly laid out, I made my way to the basement to replace the old pressure gauge.

At this point, I must make mention that I was wearing my Scottie nightgown.


The scene that followed was totally nasty!

I placed the wrench on the old gauge, and rather easily removed it. Because I am not able to see real well in the basement, I wore my reading glasses and worked with my face close to the area.

As soon as the old gauge was removed, the most startling *geiser* erupted from the tiny 1/4″ hole! Water sprayed directly into my face, no…..COLD water sprayed directly into my face, causing me to briefly lose my breath! Being relatively “quick on my feet”, I placed my thumb over the hole, causing the geiser to cease for the time being.

I screamed for Michelle to come help me, shivering, dripping cold water from my sorrowful being. (Have you any idea just HOW much cold water one Scottie nightgown can HOLD?)  As I sat on the cement floor, I was sure I was going to freeze to death!

Totally committed to finishing this frigid project, I grabbed the new gauge, braced myself for yet another splash of what seemed like ice water bath, and placed the new gauge directly in the hole, praying the threads would line up and screw on correctly. Remember, the water coming from this hole was under a great deal of pressure, and I had to work against it!

Thankfully, this attempt was not in vain!

It was ONLY after I had taken a HOT bath and warmed my body to a more normal state that Mark mentioned he had forgotten something….

Notice the RED “handle” below. Ah yes…THAT is for the spigot that actually EMPTIES THE WATER FROM THE PRESSURE TANK….oops, slight mistake!


All is well that ends well….the new gauge happily regulating the pressure and amount of water entering the tank!


I am so glad I am NOT a plumber!!!!