Autumn Feels Like It Finally Arrived!

Today was the first day that we have had some really chilly weather. It was definitely a “sweater weather” day! It felt so cozy to put on a turtleneck shirt with the sweater over it.  My very favorite sweater that I knitted several years ago (I will photograph it…it has grapes on it and was always kind of special to me….In Ireland, I read that sweaters told “stories” and indicated the area the knitter was from. Well, my sweater was a pattern by Susan Duckworth, from England, but has beautiful grapes (in 3-D) on it, which are so fitting, as the Finger Lakes region is well-known for its abundant grape crop!) is in serious need of some repairs. I, however, am at a loss as to how to repair the worn yarns….

I had taken  our birdfeeder down quite some time ago, as threats from bear sightings were getting closer to our home.  I had hung the feeder in an upstairs bedroom window a couple of winters ago, but the mess on the siding of the house took some time to clean, as the birds “decorated” it quite well! I put it down in the living room window a couple of weeks ago, thinking squirrels and bears should leave it alone there.

The birds took their time in finding the feeder, but this afternoon,  I could hear the happy distinct chirps from the chickadees calling out. The weather wasn’t really stellar for photo-taking, but I tried to lean over the railing on the front porch  to catch some pictures. These are cruddy, but with a steady stream of rain falling, I was lucky to catch any! 




I also had a Titmouse come by the feeder, but Mark and the kids were calling out to me, as we had to go to town…The Titmouse was much more camera shy than the Chickadees.

Michelle put sweaters on the Scottie boys before we left and I think the extra heat caused them both to totally pass out in the truck. They slept so peacably.

The house is actually cool enough to warrant a fire in the woodstove, but we need to do a few safety checks (including cleaning the chimney) before using it again. 

Speaking of the woodstove…I had to return some parts for the swimming pool to the store. This store specializes mainly in pools, hot tubs, spas, and such.  They do sell woodstoves, as well, but I suppose their largest profits are made in chemicals and hot tubs! As I talked to the young guys there about the weather, I told them I *love* this cooler weather. They made a comment about how it will “soon be too cold”, to which I replied that I have no qualms about snow or cold. I would rather shovel snow than spend a day in 90 degree weather.

Then, I told them in the winter, my idea of fun is getting the stove stoked up nice and hot, then opening the windows and allowing the cold fresh air to come on in the house. They looked at me….Yeah, I am sure they were thinking…..this woman is TOTALLY nuts!!!!

Ah well…

What a Lovely Surprise!

Oh my goodness! When I read my comments from yesterday’s post this evening, I was  pleasantly surprised that jhoaniquing had awarded me with this:

 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It is funny, as I don’t know how many people are reading my blog.  I began writing this as a way of keeping family up to date on the things happening here in our lives! It is always encouraging to know that others are reading and even enjoying some of my ramblings!

Thank you so much! I really enjoy reading so many blogs and only wish I had more time to spend reading each day. I have often wound up reading blogs that led to another and another!

I would love to pass this on to all of those  daily reads listed in my sidebar. Some of my blogging friends don’t update frequently (and if anyone can understand BUSY, I certainly can!!!) but I thoroughly enjoy reading each and every post!

Thank you again, jhoanuing!