Lisanne, Pretty Autumn Leaves, and….

A self-imposed rest! I am TIRED! This evening, I promised myself I would  just relax, no matter what!

Lisanne is a friend of mine who I met at a soap gathering. Yes, we are both soap makers! She has said that she would like to visit our area sometime and wondered if there were any bed and breakfasts nearby. Well, down in Naples, there is *just* the spot! It is a very beautiful Victorian style home that is located right in the center of Naples, called Monier Manor. They do have a website:


Lisanne also asked about my camera. I am using my new Nikon D-80. I love this camera, and although it is capable of so many functions, I find myself frequently using it as a “point and shoot”.  If one is interested in a less bulky, less weighty camera, a Nikon D-40 might be just the way to go. It has many of the same features of its “bigger brother”, but is easier to carry around.

I highly suggest that anyone who loves photography might want to bookmark this site:  Ken is a professional photographer who could probably produce spectacular results with a pinhole camera! He offers much down-to-earth information, and even gives hints on various cameras that he owns and uses. (both the Nikon D-40 and D-80 are there, as well as Canon models and less expensive cameras)

As I was driving down the road today, I had to stop and photograph some of the leaves. They are so pretty! As you can see, many are still green.



One of the maple trees in front of the house is turned on top, while the majority of the tree remains green. Unfortunately, every time the winds kick up, the beautiful leaves all glide down to the ground, becoming a pile of litter! This afternoon, I went out with the mulching lawnmower and ground up the leaves quite easily! What a grand invention a mulching machine is! I really don’t like raking, but get stuck doing it every year, much to my dismay.

On the weather front, today was so warm, it was more like August than October.  I went out with camera in hand to take pictures, but the humidity made it impossible to get good photos at any distance. If I were to describe what the weather was like today, I guess I would say it felt like someone wrapped a dampened warm towel about my body, which was fastened and inescapable! Tonight, the winds are blowing, and the promise of fronts moving in with showers is nearly causing me to go ballistic! I am so tired of warm….