Taking a Wee Break!

This week has been so very, very busy!

Monday, we went to meet my parents and on Tuesday, I got a call from my friend, Cindy. (the same Cindy that makes those tremendous pies!) She was in a bit of a bind, needing some help in making the filling for pies. She asked if I might be interested in making this.  So, in my spare time, I have been filling the house with the most deliciously deep purple scent!

On Wednesday, the man who looked at the truck on Monday came to pick it up. He drove up with his sister, and he told us that the AAA  had told him he could pick up “in transit” plates from the DMV.  We settled all the paperwork, then drove to Canandaigua to the DMV so they could get the plates. I have seen these plates before, but never knew anything more about them. You learn something new every day…

Today was just downright busy. Ben woke me at 5:30 am so we could begin making some more pie filling. We worked until 10, then I packed a large order for the soap business. After that, I needed to take Michelle to Naples and Ben, Mark, and I went out. We had Chinese for a late lunch, went to the bank, and took Ben to the mall. When we got back home, we had to pick Michelle back up again.

I had promised to show some pictures and talk about what my brother, Randy, had made me. He knows how much I love Scotties, so guess what I got from him?


 A really pretty Scottie wall sconce! He actually made a pair. I have been trying to decide where to hang these, and I think they will go above the mantle in the living room.

He also made the cutest little wooden Scottie….


I can’t believe all the detail on the Scottie’s face. This little guy stands only about 1 1/2″ tall.  Here is his back side…..


And, his side view. This little Scottie is so adorable!


Randy loves making wooden things, and he bought patterns for several different breeds of dogs. He made a Dachshund, a Boxer, a Poodle, and a few others. These are just so “doggone” cute!

Well, I am going to call it an EARLY night tonight, as we are off to do some painting at my mother-in-law’s house.  The weather has been so warm, it is hard to believe we are well into the first week of October. It feels more like August!